Ageless Fashion: You’ll Never Go Wrong With These Accessories


Accessories are to style, what garnish is to food. We all need that extra something that shows who we really are. If everyone wore a black and white uniform, accessories would exhibit our different identities.

People who are not fashionistas per se but love to look good find it difficult to follow trends. That’s why we need timeless accessories to fit any season and time. Here are accessories that have remained valuable and relevant for many years.

  1. Hoop earrings, or loops as Kenyans love to call them, come in different shapes and sizes. They look good on everyone. Literally, any hairstyle or shape of the head would go well. Their beauty is in their simplicity and elegance.

You can never be too rich or too poor for loops. They come coated in gold, silver and sometimes are made of plastic.  Men’s hoops, which are particularly stylish are small, thick loops either embedded with diamonds, hinged to interesting pendants or just plain.

 2. Leather jackets

Leather jackets are timeless, versatile accessories that every man and woman desires to have in their wardrobe – Well, except for those for whom it presents ethical dilemmas. They’re preferred for their durability and toughness. They must have been the best protective gear until the invention of bullet-proof jackets. These jackets can be worn during rainy seasons or any cold morning.

Since they come in different designs and colours, they can be worn in different ways, for example with skinny jeans, on other layers, with a casual T-shirt or with a little black dress.


  1. Silk scarf


Silk depicts luxury and class; perhaps that’s why it has been considered fashionable since ancient civilization.Whether you’re a dude or a chic, a silk scarf is an accessory that you should invest in.

Men look so good if they accessorize their suits or wrap it as a tie to achieve the cowboy look in casual wear.

Ladies can also do the scarfs as official or casual. They can also be used as head-wraps on a bad hair day. They are good for the skin and hair since they help to retain moisture unlike other materials.

  1. Suspenders/Braces

Suspenders are now featuring in most music videos and celebrity photo shoots. These old-school accessories have been worn since the 18th century and still look good today. Their primary role was to hold men trousers up. However, they now serve different purposes for men and women’s fashion.

Men can wear suspenders as smart casual or officially with a suit. Women looking to go a little tomboy could add a bowtie to get a classy old school look.

 5. Ankle bracelets

Anklets are among the most ancient accessories that have survived since Biblical times. They are a little rebellious and adventurous, given that they’ve had different meanings in different societies. You could find them made in gold, silver, leather, plastic, nylon, beads or shells.

Africans wore them with jiggles during their traditional dances. Indian brides were also adorned with these accessories. For some communities, call girls wore it on the right ankle. Christians believe that wearing it on the right foot is a Devil’s symbol.

Many people today wear anklets because they look good. There’s no deeper meaning. If you don’t mind what people say and probably regard yourself as spirited, anklets are perfect for you.

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