Learning How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

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We are just past two months in the year. How much have you accomplished? Have you made any significant steps to fulfilling your goals?If you have not, then you need to reevaluate yourself. The problem may not lie with your goals but more likely lie with you. You can not hope to conquer external goals when you are yet to conquer your mind. Everything starts with you. Once you master how to bring out the best version of yourself, everything else just flows. Often the world responds to you; you will get back what you give to the world. While not right away, if you keep giving life the best you have to offer, things will eventually turn in your favour. So how do we ensure we are living the very best lives we can be living?

Worry Less

It is human nature to worry. It is a neurological response to not knowing what is coming next. However chronic worry is not healthy. As human beings, we often tend to worry even about the things we can do nothing about. So obsess over them and think of the numerous scenarios the situation can go. The thing about worry is, it serves no purpose other than draining your energy.


Best Version Of Yourself: Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/40815/youth-active-jump-happy-40815.jpeg?w=940&h=650&auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb

It causes you to get stressed diverting all your energy and attention to the one thing you can do nothing about. So you end up being less productive even in activities that have nothing to do with your reason for worrying.  Learn how to let go of what you can not change and instead focus on what you can change and you will be better for it.

Embrace Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking can make an impossible situation seem possible. Purpose to find positivity in every aspect of your life. Instead of thinking ‘ I have just lost my job’ think ‘This is a chance for me to figure out what I really want to do with myself’. There is a huge difference between the lives of those who actively seek out positivism and those who tend to see tragedy in everything. Positivism is a choice, it is not a gene or biological condition. Your view on life solely rests on your shoulders.

Make conquering your fears a habit

Self-doubt, fear, anything that may derail you or hinder you from succeeding in life should be faced head-on. Your mind amplifies your fears to make them seem bigger than they already are. Often you will find that the outcome you were dreading was not as bad as you thought it was. The only way to deal with your fears is by facing them. Running away from them will do you no good. On the contrary, it will work to block opportunities that could be life changers for you.

Know thyself

One of the greatest powers you can possess when getting to be the best version of yourself is knowing who you are. This knowledge helps you figure out who you can be. You can not know where you are going if you do not know where you are coming from. Figure out your strengths, your weaknesses. If you can overcome your weaknesses, figure out how. Identify your flaws and instead of trying to hide from them or denying them, embrace them. You can learn to control them if need be. Know what you want and why you want it. This way, nobody can try and make you into something you ain’t.

Enjoy Your Life

You may accomplish all your goals and make all your dreams come true. However, at the end of the day, all that does not mean a thing if you did not find a way to enjoy your journey there. Find joy in everything you do;  your career, your family, your alone time etc. Make meaningful connections along the way. Live and laugh. Blow off some steam. Make the most out of what has been given to you. It allows you to be more appreciative of what you have and thus you work hard to keep it. Only when you are happy do you get to be the best version of yourself in other areas.

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