4 Simple Ways We Can Do Our Part to Conserve Our Forests

Forest Conservation
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-Over the years, our forests have undergone massive deforestation. What used to be acres of green cover has now been replaced by barren land or by other man-made structures. The truth is, many of us are passionate about protecting our forest cover but lag behind when it comes to doing something about it. We wait for big companies and organizations to organize campaigns that prompt planting of trees and reclaiming of forest land. After all, what can one person do alone to take up such a great cause right? You may not have the power to conserve large forests but there are a few things you can do to help. They may seem small but you have to start somewhere.

Hold our companies accountable

Companies should be held accountable for how their business practices affect the environment. If you run your own company, you are responsible for how you manage your resources and your waste. Avoid dumping your waste in water sources. If you are a company that deals with wood, the cliché ‘when you cut down a tree, plant two more’ should apply. It may not seem like one company has that much effect on where our forests future but if all companies cared about their impact on the environment, the impact would great.

Spread the message

If you truly believe in something then nothing or no one will stop you from championing from it. Play an active role in pushing forward the conversation. Call out organizations that seek to threaten forest cover. Use your voice to champion for change. History has been made by people who dared to speak up. Uhuru Park stands because people like Wangari Maathai spoke up. So do not underestimate the power of conversation. Join movements with people whose agendas align with yours.

Actively participate in reforestation

You do not have to wake up and plant a whole forest into existence. Start small, one tree at a time. Buy a few tree seedlings, invite a couple of your friends and plant away. Make it an enjoyable activity. Get involved with other foundations that take part in the conservation of forests. A group of people working together has a greater impact. So the more the merrier.

Recycle Where You Can

Tree products such as wood, paper, and plastics can be recycled or reused. For example, you can use broken doors to make small desks or other wood appliances. We are also very fortunate to be living in a digital era so we can actively avoid using too much paper. Instead of dumping plastic products, you can ensure that they find their way into recycling bins. If we recycle and reuse more, we reduce the dependence on our trees and our environment.

Forest Conservation: Image from https://s3.amazonaws.com/lowres.cartoonstock.com/environmental-issues-tree-deforestation-forests-rainforests-rain_forests-sea0860_low.jpg

A couple of us may be a little ignorant when it comes to conserving our environment. The value of conservation may not be top of mind even if we know the consequences of neglecting the environment. It is easier to inculcate these values in our children from a young age. Teach them the importance of taking care of our forests and their role in our survival. Take part in fun tree planting exercises with them just so they can get used to it. These children are more likely to feel the adverse effects of our diminishing forest cover in the future and it is only fair that they work with us to prevent a natural disaster.

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