Relationships: Conversations Every Parent Should Have With Their Children

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As the world continues to evolve in different ways, it is becoming more evident the need for parents to have closer relationships with their children. Even with the diverse parenting techniques, parents need to ensure that they create an environment that encourages open communication between them and their children. Growing up, having some conversations with your children was considered taboo or unnecessary.  The burden of teaching children some of these important lessons was left to the teachers which was not always effective. However, now we are living in a community that is more open and allows parents to connect with their children about things that may affect them either as children or in their adult years.

The Sex Talk

Sadly, time has yet to make having this conversation less awkward. However, awkward or not, this is an important conversation every parent should have with their children as they get into puberty. Though the basics in school, the best place to have an in-depth conversation about sex and everything that comes with it is at home. Everyone can teach the basics of reproduction and how our bodies work but this has to be a one on one conversation. A parent can put things into perspective.

Parents need to teach their children the responsibilities and dangers that come with engaging in sexual activity. Hiding any of this information in a bid to protect them may end up doing more harm than good. Remember, sex in itself is a broad topic. There is no need to rush through it all in one go. Have numerous conversations and assure your child that they can come to you if they have any questions.

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The Money Issue

When children get old enough to handle money, it is prudent that you talk to them about how to do it. The benefit of inculcating financial values is that it provides a foundation for better money management even in their adult lives. Teach them about making budgets and sticking to them, saving money and living within their means. Share with them the importance of always being in the know about money management techniques. 7 Ways We Can Teach Children The Importance Of Financial Management

To push your agenda further, give them an allowance and ask them to practice what you have been teaching them. However, also remind them that money has value in this world but there is more to life than just accumulating wealth- just so they do not get money crazed. Finances: Teaching Your Child To Save

How they interact with the outside world

The 21st Century has turned our world into a global village, and interaction with people from across the globe is now easy. However, even with all the positive effects that it has had in our lives, it has opened the doorway to a lot of negativity. Children are at higher risk than adults and it is your duty as a parent to ensure they are protected.

Since you cannot forbid or deny your children access to the internet, teach them how best to use it. Have conversations on cyberbullying and what to do when it happens. Caution them on the information they share with strangers on social media.To be on the safe side especially for the younger children, ensure that your children’s devices have privacy guidelines or settings that allow you to block harmful content.

Their Future Goals

Other than ensuring that your child grows up in the best environment possible, it is every parent’s responsibility to equip their children with the knowledge and skills they will need to become productive members of society. Empowering them to be the best version they can be. This includes constantly talking to them about their future goals and dreams. Then take steps to help them accomplish those dreams. Advise them on the habits and routines they should adopt to help them be better. For example, many writers developed a love for literature because their parents inculcated reading in their daily routine.

The issue of their safety

Every parent dreams of raising their children in an environment where they do not have spend every waking moment away from their child worrying if they are okay. With the world we live in, that is not the case. Insecurity is a major issue in our society and it is best that you teach your children how to avoid situations that may threaten their safety. Also, have conversations about how best to react if they ever find themselves in this situations- how to seek help, what numbers to call etc. If possible engage your older children in a few basic first aid techniques.   At the end of the day, we have no control over the choices people make. We only have control over how we act.

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