Fashion: Wardrobe Styling Tips For Men Ahead Of This Year’s Rainy Season


It is that time of the year again, where the city skies are covered with sheets of grey and there’s a perpetual smell of rain in the air. It’s the rainy season, and apart from the common city challenges that come with the rainy season, such as flash floods, unbearable city traffic, hiked fare prices and so on, there’s also the challenge of dressing appropriately for the weather, especially for men, whose wardrobe choice is traditionally limited due to its rigid functionality. However, that doesn’t mean that functionality should trump over style for men’s wear during this rainy season.

Here a few classic, timeless pieces that will keep you warm and be sure to get you noticed for your style.

Trench coats                                                     

Originally from Britain, and first worn by the British Army, trench coats have over time evolved into a symbol of sophistication and have become a mainstay in modern men’s fashion. Mostly made from wool, trench coats are extremely warm and are mostly worn during the cold winter season or the rainy season. Apart from their functionality, trench coats are also extremely versatile and can be worn over a suit to accentuate that modern gentleman look, or even casually, with a pair of jeans, khaki pants and casual tees. Whatever your daily style is, whether its business formal or just street casual, trench coats are a must-have for every man during this rainy season. They also come in a variety of colours, so there’s room to experiment a bit, but for a more official look, it would be advisable to stick to more dull and traditional colours.


Gone are the days when scarves were primarily considered to be female fashion accessories and not for men. With the emergence of more fashion-forward and metrosexual men’s clothes design, scarves are increasingly becoming a prevalent fashion item in most men’s closets. Generally, just a simple rectangular piece of fabric, more and more men are incorporating scarves into their daily looks, owing to its simple and functional nature. Apart from protecting the neck area and keeping it warm, scarves can also add a strong element of style and flair into your daily look, without it being too over the top. Scarves are also very versatile, as they are made from different materials, such as wool, cotton, cashmere and linen, and therefore give men the chance to experiment with different fabrics, without having to worry about being too over the top. Men: How to look stylish in a scarf

Leather Boots

Another timeless and classic men’s fashion item, leather boots are another absolute must-have for every man during this rainy season. Owing to the hard, tough and often water-resistant exterior, leather boots are perfect for trekking through wet city streets and muddy paths, while still looking stylish. However, extra care and attention must be given to the boots because even the toughest of leather can start to wear down because of water damage, so be sure to clean and wax the leather regularly. Caring for leather shoes and jackets

Also, it is advisable to avoid suede boots or shoes, since the slightest contact with water can leave a permanent scuff on the boot, ruining its outside appearance for good. Signature Style: 5 Things Every Man Should Have


Falling more on the streetwear side of things than in the functional one, hoodies are another great way to keep warm and show off your personal style this rainy season. Coming in a variety of designs, colours, they are a great way for men to let out their street casual style, with each hoodie being as unique as its wearer. They are also very easy to wear and do not need that much contemplation and effort when matching outfits, as they can be worn with practically anything. They are also very durable and can last for a long time, should proper care and treatment be accorded to them, and thus, it would not be surprising if they serve you for more than one rainy season.


As obvious as it may seem, umbrellas are an absolute must have this rainy season. Although obvious as stated earlier, there has been a notion, especially among Kenyan men that umbrellas are feminine and should not be carried by men, with urban sayings such as ‘mwanaume ni kunyeshewa’ continually re-enforcing this misplaced notion. Umbrellas are the primary tool by which we shelter ourselves from the rain, and thus, misplaced and misled misconceptions on gender stereotypes should not let you put your health at risk by getting rained on. Apart from keeping you dry from the rain, umbrellas are a great way of toning up your look, especially for the traditional formal attire, as popularised by the first Kingsman: The Secret Service film. Umbrellas can also be used to play up and accentuate more urban and contemporary street styles, due to their versatility in design and colour, so getting one should not even be a debate.

Here’s to looking good even when its cold. You can also check out 23 Items Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

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