Kenya Breweries To Giveaway 2 Subaru Imprezas In This Year’s ‘Win A Ride 2″ Campaign


Consumers of  Smirnoff, J&B and Black and White Whiskey brands stand a chance to be winners of not one but two new Subaru Imprezas worth 3.5 million each in the newly launched “Win-A- ride 2” campaign. This car debuts the Subaru Global platform architecture that is designed to deliver higher levels of driving a pleasure.


The first phase of the ‘Win a Ride’ campaign which was launched in 2016 saw Owen Karanja Kirumba, a 37-year-old walk away with a Subaru XV worth 4.2 million with a year insurance cover.The other two winners walked away with Kshs. 500,00 along with other daily and weekly winners.

This year, KBL decided to go bigger and better by giving away 2 Subaru Imprezas rather than one. The competition which will run for 12 weeks will give customers the chance to win 11 million worth of daily and weekly prize. This includes 6 winners who will take home Kshs. 250,000.

KBL, which is considered be East Africa’s Leading Alcohol and Beverage Company has recently experienced some growth in their Spirit sale category. They recorded a 2.4% growth in the 2017 financial results as opposed to the previous year. This competition aims to reward their consumers. Smirnoff is projected to perform very well as compared to the other spirits with the 250ml bottle taking the crown.

To participate customers will be required to buy a bottle of Smirnoff, Black and White, and J&B then scratch the panel. They should then proceed to SMS the 12-digit alphanumeric code that will be revealed to 22110. Then wait to win daily or weekly cash prizes or if you are lucky, one of the Subaru Imprezas.

One of the advantages of this competition is that it involves customers of three spirt brands.This, in turn, increases the size of the pool of winners. The competitors also get to enjoy the competition over Easter season which is a time when many come together and make merry.

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