Here Are 4 Ways You Can Cash In On The Lipa Na M-PESA Cash Back Promotion

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Safaricom just launched a new campaign dubbed ‘Lipa Na M-PESA Cash Back Promotion’. The promotion will give Lipa Na M-PESA users the chance to get money back just by paying their bills.  The move is part of Safaricom’s strategic intent to boost the usage of the Lipa Na M-PESA for retail purposes. Last year they slashed merchant fees by 50% and introduced the M-PESA 1 Tap that reduces the steps it takes to make M-PESA payments.

For this promotion, customers who meet their weekly targets will receive monetary amounts ranging from Kshs 5 to Kshs 100. Customers can confirm their targets by dialling *234#. The promotion will run for 2 months so customers can take advantage of it and get a good sum of money back. Just be more deliberate on how you make your payments;

Pay for Goods and Services

Paying for our everyday utilities is already easier using mobile payment methods. We are slowly moving into an era that will eradicate the use of paper money. The beauty of using Lipa Na M-PESA to pay for your goods is that it reduces the amount of paper money which you carry around. With security still being an issue, that is a great solution. Two, it helps you track how much money you are using every day since you have a thread of messages on your usage. And now, you can hit your weekly targets and get some money back. It is so easy now to pay your supermarket bill using M-Pesa.

Lipa Na M-PESA Cashback Promotion: Image from

Paying for your subscriptions

This includes subscription services like DSTV, GO Tv or even Startimes. If your subscription expiry date had slipped your mind, you can easily use Lipa Na MPESA to renew it. Just ensure you have the Pay Bill number to the subscription service you use, then enter the smart card number on your decoder as the account number. Another amount added to increase chances of you hitting your target.

Paying for Meals

Pay your restaurant bill using Lipa Na MPESA instead of paper money. Often when we go to a restaurant, we do not always know the exact amount of money each meal is. It is more of an approximate amount in our heads. That approximate can have disastrous effects if you end up carrying less money. Now think of the times having money in your M-PESA can save you from missing out on a meal. Additionally, if the service and food were good, add a few coins in there. Show your gratitude. At the same time, you are getting closer to your target.

Paying your Bills

Nowadays, most if not all utility bills have been customized and customers can clear their bills using Lipa Na M-PESA. From electricity bills to buying of tokens, the water bill or even service charges in your residence. I never thought I would say this but this is the one chance you will have to benefit from your bills.

Look at it this way, if you hit your target every week for the two months you can get 40-800 shillings. It may not seem like much but it is money you did not have to break your back for. It is literally letting you earn by paying your bills.

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