Simple Ways We Can Be Involved In Wildlife Conservation

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When news broke about the death of Sudan, the world last male northern white rhino, it was sad. White rhinos can live for 40-50 years, and seeing that Sudan was 45 when he died, we can say he lived a long life. However, not many animals get to be that lucky. As humans, we often forget that we have a responsibility to take care of our wildlife. Sudan The Last Northern Male White Rhino Is Dead. Why Should We Care Plus Some Interesting Facts About Rhinos

As much as extinction is part of the natural process of evolution, human activity is contributing to the mass extinction of different species. We need to take it upon ourselves to ensure that we are doing the best we can to ensure the survival of our wildlife. Wildlife plays a vital role in the balance of our ecosystem. If we ignore their survival, we doom ourselves in the long run.  There are various ways we can be involved in ensuring that we take care of our animals.


Conserving Wildlife: Image from

Adopt them

There are various organizations the deal with rescuing and rehabilitating animals. Most have introduced the ‘adopt an animal’ program where individuals or groups pay for the rehabilitation of an animal(s). These programs require one to pay a certain amount that goes into the care of the animal. Now as much as you will not ‘adopt’ the animal in the case that you take it home, you are allowed to visit the animal and monitor its progress.

Some organizations that have adopted this program include the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for the rehabilitation of elephants and rhinos, Out of Africa Park, World Wildlife Organization that allows you to adopt animals from Tigers to Giraffes and many more.

Reduce deforestation

This song has been sung for as long as I can remember. In a bid to develop, human beings end up clearing large tracts of forest land. Protecting the animal’s habitats should be a priority when it comes to ensuring wildlife survival. If we push them out of their homes, they are bound to die. The second stanza of this famous song about cutting trees is an extension to those clearing forests left,  right and centre If you must cut down a tree, plant two to replace it.

There are so many other alternatives we can practice instead of dropping every tree in our way. Ecoforestry which involves carefully selecting trees for commercial timber without bringing harm to the forest’s ecosystem.

Reduced use of pesticides and herbicides

This applies mostly to farmers with farmland next to forest cover. Most of them result to use of pesticides and herbicides to kill pests that attack their plants. However, pesticides take a long time to disintegrate and they often build up in the soil. This eventually affects the entire animal food chain from the herbivore to the carnivore. Some of these animals suffer a great deal due to the chemicals in these products. Birds like hawks owls and coyotes are at greater risk.

Before a farmer results to use of pesticides, there are a couple of other alternatives such as crop rotation or biological pest control using pheromones or viruses.

Visit them

This can be an activity you do with your friends or your family. Visit these animals and get to see what makes them so magnificent. Go beyond the need to push for their survival from a logical point of view, get involved emotionally. Animals are among the purest creatures on this planet. They work on pure instinct, not malice or any negative emotion. It is simply a delight to watch them either in their natural habitat or in their rehabilitation centers. Here in Kenya, we have the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Maasai Mara Game Drive and so many more. Take the opportunity to learn about them too. Get to know how best you can protect them.


If you are an animal lover, go the extra mile. Volunteer in the rehabilitation centers. Take up courses that allow you to know how best to take care of the animals. If you feel there is a species that is yet to be catered for, take it upon yourself to start a campaign for them. Passion can bring about so much change.

Interview: Dr. Duncan Kimuyu Talks About The Global Reductions In Wildlife Migration

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  1. Thanks alot for that nice piece of awareness.We tend to concentrate on critical protection of disappearing wildlife in known boreal environments but seem to ignore those in which rapid human population encroahment decimates the few that are remaining. Those gravely affected are primates, rodents,insects and angulates. Those in wetlands and riverine surroundings are vulnerable as frequent fires and cover clearance exposes them to other annihilations. I do not see any legislation out to strongly stem this. Besides such highlights how strongly can salvage the situation? Continue reaching interested parties possibly one day we shall present a memorandum to the concerned ministry although with a feeling they might ignore it because it is obscure of what happened to those who lodged complaints over the SGR passing through Nairobi Park .