5 Giveaway Ideas For Your Event Attendees


These days, ensuring the success of big events such as business conferences, expos, seminars, and the like does not end at choosing the right venue, providing sumptuous food and drinks, and engaging popular resource speakers. Having the right giveaway for your guests is also important for many reasons.

First, it is nice to have something for event attendees to bring home with them to remember that special moment by. Giveaways also make attendees feel that the time, effort, and cost involved in going to the event are somehow worth it. Most importantly, especially for events that are held annually or regularly, these items help establish recall and encourage people to attend the next event.

Coming up with a memorable giveaway is not as difficult as you think it may be. There are a lot of choices that will surely fit any budget, event concept, or need you have. Here are just some of the most popular ideas for giveaways that you can use for your next event:

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Customized lanyards as giveaways are one of the best and easiest ideas. It serves a very practical purpose, and you can bet that each attendee will appreciate this kind of giveaway very much. Lanyards can also display your event name or logo very clearly, establishing recall efficiently and effectively. After the event, it can be reused for many purposes such as holding IDs, keys, cameras, cell phones etc.

Thumbnail Drives

USB storage devices are another useful giveaway that attendees usually keep and reuse in their day to day work. You can also load presentations, photos, or other information into the drive for attendees to bring with them for reference after the event. You can also have these items branded prominently with your event name or logo.


There are many different types of bags that attendees will find very useful during an event, especially big conferences where they need to move from venue to venue and lug around books, papers, etc. From simple, reusable eco-bags to more premium laptop bags or backpacks, your guests will surely love bringing one home.


Many organizers overlook the practicality of giving away apparel such as t-shirts, caps, sweaters, or jackets during events. These items can actually help provide guests comfort in cold venues or protection in inclement weather. They are also a very tasteful way of promoting your event name or corporate brand with a discreet but tastefully embroidered logo.

Mobile Phone Accessories

In this day and age of cellphones and gadgets, there is nothing more that event attendees appreciate than cool accessories for their smartphones and other digital devices. You can give away items like mobile phone covers, cases, travel and car chargers, and the like. These things come in very handy for people on the go, and they will always remember your event every time they use these devices in their everyday lives.

Choosing the right giveaway

A very important thing to keep in mind when choosing giveaways for your special event is the quality of these items. It is not enough to just be able to give something away without taking into consideration the usefulness of the item. Some unscrupulous vendors may offer you giveaways that are very cheap but poor in quality. Instead of having a positive recollection about your event, your guests will definitely carry with them a negative impression about your brand.

Always choose giveaways that are sturdy and long-lasting. As much as possible, check each item to make sure they are functioning well before you give them away. For good measure, set up a desk at the venue where visitors can immediately replace defective giveaways. Customer satisfaction is key in creating a positive impact with your giveaways.

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