Books: 6 Practical Tips To Help You Cultivate A Reading Habit

Young Man Reading a Book.

One of the ways you can open up your mind to new frontiers is through exposing it to new ideas and possibilities. One of the easiest ways to expose your mind is to read a book. Many of my friends will often wait for movies to be adapted into films so they can watch them, others will read a single book for months.

It is important to nurture a reading culture in children while they are still young and their minds are in their formative years. However, not all of us had the indulgence of being introduced into a reading culture while we were still young. It’s never too late to develop a reading culture, and while it may not be the easiest thing, here are a few practical tips that should help you read some more.

  1. Define Your Goals

It’s easy to just pick up a book and read, but when you do not have a goal to work towards, you might end up reading just one book – and that’s if you’re lucky enough to finish the first one.

Before you pick a book to read, think about what ways a consistent reading culture could benefit you in different aspects of your life i.e. academics, career, spiritual, relationships and more. When you have concrete reasons to read, you will be more compelled to find books that will grow you in the above fields.

  1. Make a List

After you have defined what you want to get from reading, you will have a rough idea of the books to read i.e. inspirational, fictional, leadership etc. When you have picked a category, do a little research and see what books are in that category. After that, make a list of anything from the category that you would like to read. Feel free to select books from different categories which you can interchange after finishing one book.

A list will help you be organized, remember what books you would want to read and help you track your progress through time.

  1. Set the limit

One of the most common problematic issues to many readers is the lack of consistency. Today, you may find yourself reading twenty pages and tomorrow you may read five pages. One of the best ways to be consistent is to have limits (especially on the lower side) of how much or how little you can read in a day.

If you set thirty pages per day, ensure that you stick to it. While the first few days will require effort and sacrifice, with time you will be able to adapt and soon make reading a lifestyle.

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Note: Do not rush through the pages trying to finish your daily reading, instead, take your time and internalize what you read. This will help you apply what you learn to everyday statuses.

  1. Invest in reading tools

In an age where everything has been digitized, you can easily get helping tools to aid in your reading experience.

If you are reading eBooks and soft copies, you can look for apps which you can easily access the books from. If you prefer reading the old way, you can start by getting a bookmark and dedicating time to read. You can also have a bag dedicated to carrying and storing your reading books.

  1. Set apart time to read

Chances are, you have set apart time and space for an activity you are involved in on a regular basis. While cultivating a reading culture, you will need to be sincere about your reading intentions. Set apart a time and space where you do nothing else other than reading. This can be any conducive space, and the time can vary from person to another, but half an hour a day should do the trick while beginning. As you continue, set apart the time and space as you see fit.

  1. Join a reading group

The power of a group cannot be dismissed. Joining a book club could be instrumental in having a consistent reading culture. A book club will not only engage you in aspects you had not earlier seen, the other members will also keep you accountable. If there isn’t a reading club to join, you can gather a few people with similar reading interest and start one.

The road to a developing a reading culture may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it, there is infinite knowledge and wisdom that is waiting to be discovered in books. As Bisila Bokoko puts it, “With a book, you’re never alone.” Here are more tips for developing your reading habits. But if reading is not your thing then you can still get the information from audiobooks – check out Benefits of Podcasts & Audio books.

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