Heineken Launches New Premium Draught Beer In Kenya


Heineken East Africa has launched its draught beer in Kenya. The new draught beer was officially launched at a colourful event at the Sankara Hotel, Nairobi. Unveiled also at the event, was the BrewLock, the revolutionary high-tech system through which the beer is going to be served.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Michael Mbungu, Heineken’s Country Manager, stated that the move to launch the beer into the Kenyan market was informed by the growing demand of quality premium beer in the country. This is particularly true and is evidenced by the success enjoyed by the Amstel beer brand that was introduced into the Kenyan market just four months ago.

Heineken Country Manager Michael Mbungu speaks during the launch

Heinen, promises, with this new draught beer, to give its consumers and beer enthusiasts a quality and remarkable drinking experience and to make them feel like they’re drinking the beer straight from the brewery.  The main selling point and the difference between this and its other beer brands in existence already is the consistency, purity and quality of this new beer, mostly attributable to the BrewLock system, the revolutionary and innovative beer delivery system that is going to be used in serving the new beer.

The BrewLock System.

Just as exciting as the beer itself is the advanced and revolutionary beer delivery system that is the BrewLock. This new and innovative product is in line with Heineken’s policy of not only providing premium quality beer to the masses worldwide but of also reinforcing its commitment to the fast-paced technological sphere in Africa. And the BrewLock system does just that, employing a unique blend of highly advanced technology but at the same time, maintaining a simplistic and easy-to-use nature, making it one of the best beer delivery systems in the world currently. The BrewLock is also quite easy on the eye and nice to look at and it will definitely be an attraction to beer lovers in itself, apart from the draught beer of course.

The BrewLock system will not only serve the needs of beer consumers but that of bartenders as well. The easy-to-use nature of the system will make their work a lot easier, thereby ensuring fast and efficient service to customers and quicker sales for bar establishments.

The highlight of the event was the demonstration of how the BrewLock System works.  Guests were given a chance to see how the system works, and a few lucky ones had the chance to work the machine and pour their own drinks and those of their friends. The draught beer was also freely available and served throughout the night, courtesy of the beautiful ladies from Heineken.

The beautiful Heineken ladies

The draught beer will be piloted first at five outlets, namely, the Sankara Hotel, J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen, Tapas Ceviche, Purdy Arms in Karen and Kengeles in Lavington. The draught beer and the BrewLock system will then be rolled out to other outlets within the year.

Speaking of Heineken, did you know they support designers to make some of the beautiful clothes you see on the Heineken ladies and gentlemen? Interview With Mark Iterson, Global Head of Design Heineken

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