Parenting: Ways To Help Your Child Who Is Struggling With Schoolwork

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As a parent, all you want for your children is a healthy and happy childhood. You want them to grow both emotionally, socially and academically. However, no matter what you do, your child is bound to struggle in one or all of these aspects. It is part of life. When it comes to academic success, you may tend to get a little pushy to ensure that their children get the most out of their education. This can make you miss out on when your child is genuinely struggling in with. You may tie their struggle to being lazy or not exerting themselves in school. But maybe you need to take a deeper look at the root cause of their academic struggle.


Father helping Son Do His School Work: Image from

Talk to them

First things first, do not assume you know the cause of your child’s struggle. Have a heart to heart with them and find out the cause. It can be stress related or simply diminished confidence in themselves. Whatever the case, it becomes easier to deal with it once you know what the issue is.

Many children tend to shy away from conversations about their performance. Other children are even oblivious to the things that may be affecting their academic performance

Help them out

Make it a point to keep up with your child’s workload. Try as much as possible to be involved in it. You can even offer to help out where you can. But remember, the idea is to help your child out not end up doing all their assignments by yourself. The truth of the matter is, it is easier to see where the issue is as you tackle school work. When your child is struggling with school work, all he/she can only see is the problem. They can not see past it. A second party can help point out the real problem. It is also a great way to bond with your children

Get a tutor

You can always do so much. Let’s be honest here, how much do you really remember about primary school mathematics? Probably very little. If you can afford one, seek professional help for your child. Some children may not thrive in a classroom environment because they need a little more on one on one tutoring to help them grasp concepts. There is nothing wrong with that, you just need to give them that one on one help they need.

Reduce the distractions

Distractions are very powerful derailers. This is especially worse when it comes to children. A certain distraction may be costing your child his educational success. Often the culprit here is usually the television. Most children spend hours in front of the television and on their tablets/phones if they have one. So much so they will ignore schoolwork or hurriedly go through it so they can indulge in their little addiction. This includes sacrificing reading time to watch the television. If you notice that there is something that distracts your child, get rid of it or minimize its effects. If it is television, set a schedule and minimize watching hours. They may not like it but it is for their own good. Here are five ways to make your kids studies interesting

Use the reward system

The reward system simply involves rewarding your child if they hit set agreed upon terms and conditions. It can be hitting certain grade in a certain subject or reading a book in a week. You can have your own little game of reward that acts as a motivator. However, it is also important to teach your child the importance of intrinsic motivation and that success and hard work are not always rewarded immediately.

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