Not Feeling That Job Anymore? How To Motivate Yourself At Work


Did you know that in the US, over 75% of people who voluntarily quit their jobs do so because of their bosses and not the position itself? That’s according to Gallup an analytics-based firm. Most people can relate to that statistic because at one point in time your boss hasn’t really appreciated you or your work. You’ve felt like you have been taken for granted, even after giving extra hours of your day, coming in early and leaving late, but they don’t seem to care much about the dedicated effort.

After a while, this gets very infuriating, especially if it’s a job you love. It starts becoming difficult to concentrate on your work, output levels dwindle because of frustration and lack of motivation. While trying not to entertain the lingering thought of quitting before securing another job, the question then becomes, how do you keep up the levels of efficiency without letting other factors deter you?

The answer is Self-Recognition.

When you take control of your own self-recognition, you get out of the mindset that you are working for someone else but for self-growth. This allows you to push yourself harder always.  Here are simple ways that can help bolster that state of mind.

The small things count

Celebrating small things is the best way to acknowledging that you are on your way to achievement. It’s a great way to fuel your motivation and boost your self-esteem. Positive progress on anything meaningful, no matter how small, feels great. Could be that you got to work earlier than usual, learnt something new, cleared everything on your to-do list and such like actions. These are the little wins no one can steal from you. Celebrating them often will let you enjoy the sweet sensation of progress in a more personal way.

Work hard in the shadows

Recognition is important but most organizations don’t seem to get it right, or at all. You may be in or end up in a company that is not big on recognizing employees. And what’s more, you can’t expect praise for each and every impressive thing you do. The best way to communicate your value is not by voice, it’s by being a maverick and letting your work speak for itself. Reports don’t lie, so when you are hitting high numbers, it becomes a personal challenge to keep them up or better them. You end up in the cycle of pushing yourself because you know you are good at what you do.


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Build your personal brand too

Being exceptional at our places of work is every employee’s desire, but to avoid the unforeseen employment crisis down the road, building your personal brand is key. It is a valuable accomplishment for self-growth. When you are great at what you do, you can easily market yourself outside the office, could be at social or networking events by simply talking about the work you do and skills you possess to the relevant people. It creates a definite mindset of working for a career you want and not for the job you have. If your hard work is helping build a great company, you too can build your own with time.

So stay self-motivated even when no one else pays attention because you are the only one who can truly recognize the value of the work you do.

One of the ways in which you can motivate yourself is to boost your mental health so that you are happier and more alert. Here are 5 Easy Practices To Boost Your Mental Health

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