5 Essential Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

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So you have done the hard work of sustaining a relationship and you are even past the proposal stage. The only thing left to do is plan a wedding. Shouldn’t be too hard right? Sadly, weddings are not just about the glitz and the glam. The wedding day is, but the work that goes into the day itself can be hectic. It takes months of prior planning especially if you want a big wedding. Running around dealing with vendors, venues etc is quite stressing. It Is even worse if you do not have the help of a wedding planner. So if you are taking on the mantle of planning the wedding all by yourself, be ready for the long road that is ahead of you. Having some close friends helping you out can make things easier. Here are some tips that can also help you out.


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Write everything down.

I like to think of weddings as a puzzle. Once you set out to create the wedding you want, every little thing matters. All those small details coming together is what makes the day so great. So make sure you write everything down. From the big plans to the smallest detail. Whatever you need to do, write it down. Work with a couple of friends in case you forget some things. Use that list as a checklist. Once you are done with one thing, check it off your list. Ensure you also schedule meetings with vendors, florists etc. Keep track of your expense account by safeguarding your receipts. Al these things help not only bring your big day together but also help you be accountable after the day is over.

Utilize your resources to the maximum.

The beauty of the wedding industry is that it is like a food chain. One department requires the other to flourish. So often you will find that your florist knows a great pastry chef or a great band. These people have been to so many weddings, their contact list may be endless. It just requires you to find one reliable person who will link you to another reliable person. This saves you a lot of time and effort of having to track down quality vendors.

Focus on your guests

Yes, it is you and your partner’s big day. However, you have invited people to come to celebrate this day and they have taken their time to share the day with you. So as you work on making the day great for yourselves, make the day great for them too. Be considerate of their needs. Send in the invitations early so your friends and family organize themselves. Ensure that the meals are of great quality and offer options for everyone. If it is a destination wedding, ensure that the area you select has hotels or lodges that your guests can book. Do your research early so that people can book places to spend the night in advance. Ensure that your guests have a good time.

Brace Yourself for disappointment

The truth of the matter is, you will probably not get everything you want. You may be forced to change your plans midway through your process. The venue you wanted may not be available, the flowers you love may not be in season or they may be way above your budget etc. So many things can go wrong. Go into the planning process with an open mind and a plan B. Having other options comes in handy especially when things that are out of your control like weather come into play. Additionally, not everyone you invite will be able to make it. Especially if it is a destination wedding. People may have prior plans or may not be able to afford it. You need to be okay with that.


Get away from wedding stress. Image from http://www.weddingserviceskenya.com/engagement/7-wedding-planning-tips-to-take-the-stress-away

Involve your partner

In most cases, the woman takes charge of the planning process. This is because according to popular opinion, the wedding day is more for the bride than it is for the groom. So naturally, men tend to be minimally involved in the planning process. However, if you are both actively involved, there are greater chances things will be much easier. However, if not, pick out a few plans that both you and your partner can tackle and work on it together. It can be the choice of music, venue or food to be served. This not only allows you to bond but takes the stress off one person’s shoulder. After all, isn’t that marriage is about, leaning on each other?

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