Product Review: Hanan Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

Hanan 20 Pcs Wet Wipes

Wet wipes have quickly become an everyday essential. Not only for those people who use them to change their baby’s diapers but for everyday use. You can use them for cleaning your hands, taking off makeup, wiping dirt off etc. Doctors even recommend them as opposed to using toilet paper. The only problem is that they clog drainage systems. I like trying out a wide range of products before I stick to one. So when I came across Hanan Wet Wipes, I decided to try them out.


Hanan 20 Pcs Wet Wipes

The Hanan Wet Wipes Come from a range of Hanan Products eg toilet roles, cotton buds and hand tissues. These products are distributed by Zenko Kenya Limited.

Product description

At first glance, the wipes look like most wipes on the market. I bought the single pack that comes with 20 pieces of wipes. They also come in other different packs such as 15 pcs, 25 pcs, 72 pcs, etc. They are enclosed in a hard plastic bag. There is the front seal which is easily opened and closed whenever you need to use a wet wipe.


The most important thing to note about these wet wipes is they are alcohol-free. I had never used alcohol-free wet wipes which made me that much more interested in trying them out especially on my face. They contain aloe leaf extract and fragrance which is the reason behind their fresh minty scent.


I am one of those people who use wet wipes to wipe off the slightest stain. Often, the wet wipe does not get dirty or even seem used meaning I can use it again. Some wet wipes dry out very easily. However, the Hanan wet wipes are extremely moist. Even when using the same wipe a second time, it retained its moisture.

Another attribute is how soft they are. They felt so smooth on my skin as I used them so I am sure they work as well on a baby’s behind.

One of the qualities I was keen on testing was its non-alcoholic attribute. I normally have very sensitive, dry skin and some wet wipes I have used in the past have left me with a rash a few times. I do not often use a lot of makeup and thus just like to avoid piling products on my skin when I am taking the makeup off. I use a wet wipe and then wash my face and it’s enough.

Using just one wipe I was able to clean out all my makeup relatively well. It also cleared out the excess oil without dehydrating my skin.  There was no reaction on my skin either so I was pretty happy about that. It is also nice and soft so it was refreshing on my skin.


The wipes are smooth and moisturizing to the skin.
The wipes retain their moisture even after they are used.
The wipes have a mild fragrance.
They take off makeup really well.
They are alcohol-free so they are great for sensitive skin and for baby use too.
They come in travel-friendly pack sizes


You would need a couple of the wet wipes to take off waterproof makeup.
If you are a lover of sweet scents, this would probably not work for you.

Overall. I would gladly buy them again. I only have a couple left but before I am off searching for the next great thing, this would be great wet wipes to have in my possession.

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