Parenting: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Recruiting A Nanny

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It is often said, it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone needs help in that department. So either as a working or stay at home parent, recruiting a good nanny to help with your bundles of joy is crucial. Getting the right nanny is not easy, as you may have different expectations, just think of it like you are parts of a jigsaw puzzle and you are looking for a piece that will fit in well into your life. Taking in a nanny is an important task for any parent. Bear in mind that this is most likely a complete stranger you are introducing to your children. This nanny will also spend a massive amount of time with your child. So it is definitely not a decision you make on a whim. You would rather take your time and do it right or be hasty about the process and struggle later on. So what can you do to ensure that you find a great nanny?


A Nanny taking care of a baby: Image from

Do a background check

Okay, I am not saying turn into the FBI and dig up all the history of your potential nanny. Nothing like that. Just ensure that you know about the person you are bringing into your home. If it is on recommendation, ensure the reliability of the person recommending the nanny. If you can’t find out through this method, you could go through an agency to help in recruiting a nanny. The agencies have normally done background checks on your behalf. However, also ensure that the agency itself is a legitimate one. Some agencies are merely meant to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

Have Realistic Expectations

Just like in any aspect of life, nobody is perfect. Your idea of what a nanny is supposed to be may not be an exact match to what you find out there. Remember that people are raised differently and have different belief systems. Do not expect that your nanny will live up to all the expectations you have. Just find the one best suited to your lifestyle and living preferences. Disagreements may arise, it is human nature to butt heads. At the end of the day what matters is how the nanny is with the children.

Be clear from the get-go

While searching for a nanny, clearly outline the responsibilities and pay you are offering. This helps them know what they are getting into. Changing the terms of the agreement later on without consultation is not fair to your nanny and will cause problems. Be clear on the roles you want the nanny to undertake. If you want to add a role, have a conversation with your nanny as opposed to demanding they do what you ask.

 Set boundaries from the beginning

Different parents have different opinions on how best they want their children taken care of. Share those sentiments with your incoming nanny. These are rules that concern discipline and rules of the house. If you want your nanny to discipline your child, state it from the beginning and vice versa. Lack of clear boundaries can also cause serious problems in the long run.

Set a trial period

If you are still unsure about your choice for a nanny, you can set a trial period. A selected number of days to see if the living arrangement works. Here you can gauge how the nanny fits into your lifestyle and how they are with your children. Admittedly, some may pretend to be something they are not over that period of time but you can only hope that you have the eyes to see past their pretence.

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