Beauty: Try This 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine For Great Skin


Have you ever wondered how Koreans manage to maintain clear, flawless and young skin? Well, I have, a couple of times leading me to dig into it. Koreans value beauty and have followed through by coming up with techniques and products to maintain their beauty. Bless their souls because now we have the secrets to timeless beauty. I know it sounds tasking but think of the end goal, clear glowing skin, which makes it worth it. Soko Glam, a top K-beauty company, lists these as the 10 crucial steps in skincare.

  1. Makeup remover + Oil cleanse.

Most nights we get home exhausted,  wash off makeup with just soap and water and head off to bed. What we’re actually doing by this is clogging our pores as we don’t really take off all the makeup and dirt by just using water and soap. It’s advisable to use an oil cleanser or even an oil-based makeup remover. Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover. Dab some on a cotton wool and wipe off the makeup, this ensures all the makeup is stripped off while ensuring there is no damage to your skin by moisturizing it. Rinse off with some lukewarm water.

  1. Water-based cleanser.

Use a water-based cleanser to wash off the makeup, oil and dirt residue. This really cleanses your skin and ensures all unwanted impurities are washed away. You can also use soaps like African Black Soap and Kojic Acid soap for added benefits. Cleanse your face and rinse off with lukewarm water.


She tried the Korean skincare routine. Check out the video

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3. Exfoliate

It is highly recommended to exfoliate twice a week. Now, this varies with skin sensitivity as some skin is more sensitive than others. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin encouraging the growth of new younger skin. This makes the skin absorb products better and appear younger. Gently massage an exfoliator of choice onto your skin for 5 minutes and rinse off the exfoliate and dead skin with lukewarm water. The skin immediately feels silky and smoother.

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4. Toning

Toning your skin is important to balance out the skin PH and dampen your skin. This makes the skin absorb products better. Balancing the pH is also important to avoid breakouts of any sort. You may sprinkle on your face or dab onto cotton wool and massage onto your skin working outwards.

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5. Essence

One would wonder why the need for essence for skincare? This is actually the heart of Korean skincare as the essence acts as a toner/serum hybrid made for rehydrating, repairing and cell turnover. This is basically the step that ensures your skin cells are effectively catered for. This, in turn, makes the skin appear supple and young.

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6. Treatment

Occasionally we like to get our hair treated to restore it, the skin needs the same. Treatments target dull skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and other skin breakouts. Treating your skin with serums ensures the skin is restored to its natural state and it heals itself.

  1. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the easiest step, all you have to do is lay on one for 15-20 minutes, relax and wait for the miracle to happen. These are mostly for rehydrating the skin and moisturizing it. With the above steps, the products in the sheet mask are effectively absorbed into the skin.

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  1. Eye cream.

The eye area has the most delicate skin and must be properly cared for to avoid wrinkles, bags and ageing of the skin. Get a good eye cream and using your ring finger gently tap the product on the area until it is absorbed. This caters for rehydration and protection of the skin around the eye.

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9. Moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin is the most important thing in order to get glowy, supple skin. Pat some moisturizer onto your face and neck and massage it gently for effective absorption. Ensure products used are natural and contain few to no chemicals.

  1. Sun protection.

Sunscreen is important to avoid the harsh effects of UV rays. Apply this every morning before leaving the house and walk confidently in the sun without fear of your skin being damaged by the rays.


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These steps have proven to be effective for many and some abide by it like religion. Doing this twice a week and some steps daily would mark a great improvement on your skin and have people asking you what regiment you’re on.

Does the Korean Beauty routine really work? Well, people don’t have to follow all the steps religiously together, but the steps do really work. Check out the truth about the Korean Beauty Routine.

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