Health: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Beetroot


As a child, my mother would force me to eat beets and I absolutely hated it. Not until recently did I realize the benefits of the vegetable, I caught myself buying some, eating them and then I laughed remembering my battles with my mother as a child over it.

I realized it is not only good for boosting blood in your system but it also has a ton of other benefits such as preventing diabetes, boosting energy levels, helping to prevent and treat cancer. Turns out it is also great for your skin, who knew right? Studies done on subjects from the University of Memphis Campus and surrounding community shows the benefits are mainly due to the dark red colour in beets, which indicate high amounts of betaine. This mineral has several noted effects, as stated by the US National Library of Medicine, related to human health and function, including acting as an osmolyte (protecting cells against dehydration) , as an antioxidant agent (protecting cells against free radicals), as a methyl group donor (lowering potentially harmful levels of homocysteine, and as a vascular protectant).  They contain a high amount of iron, folate, and manganese. Along with these, beets are also high in thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, choline, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, magnesium and pantothenic acid. All these elements are responsible for the amazing health benefits of beets.

I have narrowed it down to but a few of the benefits of this amazing vegetable.

  1. Improves energy.

Consumption of beetroot juice boosts energy levels. This is accredited to the fact that the juice increases blood flow which means the supply of the same to all body parts is done effectively. That leads to energy levels rising as organs are well supplied with blood and oxygen. This takes away the factor of exhaustion and constant fatigue.

  1. Lower blood pressure.

Drinking beet juice or eating the whole vegetable means you get 100% of the phytonutrients hence it lower blood pressure. Beets are effective at reducing high blood pressure thanks to their content of nitrates. The nitrates are taken in, converted to nitric oxide which releases and dilates the blood vessels which improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.


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  1. Prevent dementia.

Dementia is a brain-related disease which normally affects old people. It makes them lose their memory and reasoning which gets worse with time. It starts very slowly and gradually worsens with age. This is due to improper flow of blood to the brain hence low oxygen levels within the organ. When the brain lacks enough oxygen, it deteriorates and like other organs shut down hence causing dementia. Beetroot consumption increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, therefore, helping to prevent dementia.

  1. Promote digestive health.

Red beets have loads of dietary fibres and vitamins which help combat diverticular disease, colon cancer and constipation. The folate in beets is also essential in our diet as it protects against the risk of colon cancer due to alcohol consumption but also promotes the growth of new cells. This leads to repair of tissue cells along the digestive tract.

  1. Improve skin.

This is also tied to the betaine and the boosting of blood flow. This leads to higher blood circulation along the skin hence rejuvenating and promoting new cell growth this, in turn, cause the skin to become healthy and supple. Beets also contain antioxidants that defend the skin by neutralizing free radicals from within the skin.

  1. May help treat cancer.

Beets are known to have anti-carcinogen properties due to Betaine that may help to prevent and lessen the effect of cancer. They prevent the growth of cancerous cells by increasing the overall oxygen supply in the tissues, hence retarding the growth of cancer cells.

  1. Control diabetes.

Beets have high fibre which reduces hyperglycaemia, a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose circulates in the blood plasma. Consuming a glass of beet juice can help in keeping the glycaemic levels of the blood steady even after the intake of a good heavy meal. They also contain alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant which reduces the glucose levels in the body.

  1. Promote weight loss.

Beets contain zero calories and are great for a weight loss diet. Vitamins in beets, minerals, and elements like iron, manganese and phosphorous are the key portions of beets nutrition. All these are essential and can be gained by drinking this juice hence one gets essential nutrients needed by the body with consumption of beets. Another benefit of beetroot is that there is no need to add artificial sweeteners.

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  1. Prevent eye diseases.

Beets preventing the aging of tissues cells within the eye and promotes the growth of new cells hence prevention of eye diseases. The blood supply to the eye also improves sight and functioning of the eye.

  1. Boost liver function.

Beet juice is a super effective detox beverage that can help your liver dump harmful toxins and stimulate liver cells. This is owing to methionine and glycine betaine that help to save fatty acids from building up. The liver being the detoxifying system in the body needs detoxing occasionally and beets do this effectively promoting the maximum functioning of the system.

Beets have been in use since time immemorial for their health benefits. Taking beets will be of great value to your overall health. The vegetable not only has the above benefits but it has benefits not only for the skin and hair. It won’t hurt you to try it out and see the difference it makes to your body.

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