Getting Married? Here Is A Wedding Checklist You Can Use

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Getting married is a dream for many and when the proposal comes, the next step is planning for the wedding. There is a lot to think about from how to finance the wedding, and the wedding preparations. So what do you need to do when?

Most Kenyans get engaged and get married within one year. Usually, the wedding takes place after the traditional marriage ceremonies which take up quite a bit of money. This is an ideal list if you have at least a year to plan but can still be used if there is a shorter waiting period. Don’t be that couple that needs the committee to do everything for you including raising money for your wedding. 5 ways of raising funds for a wedding

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7-9 months before the wedding.

Work on your budget and establish your top priorities which usually include the dress, clothes, venue, food and the honeymoon.

Things to consider – find ideas for the above, compile the preliminary guest list, choose your wedding party, find the venue, and tell people the date. If you are feeling overwhelmed and you have a bit of money consider hiring a wedding planner. Start saving money for the wedding.

5-7 months to go

Start doing research on venues and settle on one, interviews caterers, research on flower arrangements, and start shopping for somebody to make your cake.  If you are doing a church wedding you need to book the date and time so that you don’t end up having to move your wedding. Before you do that find out if your favourite pastor will be available to marry the two of you.

This is the time to start shopping for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, look for DJs to play at your wedding, and look for your dress or suit. Also, settle on wedding stationery and decide whether you will do physical cards or do e-invites. Weddings: 4 Reasons Why You Should Let the Bridesmaids Choose Their Dresses

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5–2 Months To Go…

If you must you can form a committee to help you with your wedding arrangements – you can form a committee to just help you plan, not necessarily to provide finances. Don’t approach people who you haven’t talked for a long time to be on your committee.  Why your Cinderella wedding is driving your friends mad

Book your caterer, DJ, finalize on your guest list and send out your invitation cards, settle on your menu, beverage and catering details. This is also the time to shop and purchase your wedding rings, finalize your honeymoon plans, get your legal documentation ready for passports or marriage certificates.

If you are having a tailor make your dress make sure it is done by this time and you will only have to go for the final fitting 2 weeks before the wedding.  There is nothing as stressful as a bride doing her final fitting 2 days to the wedding. Tailors can be unpredictable and they can mess you up. Consider renting a dress if you find it too expensive to buy a new dress. Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Do a makeup and hair trial and book your stylists. You also need to come up with your beauty and fitness regimen to be ready for the camera. You can start doing skin treatments during this time.

Finalize on your honeymoon plans and obtain all the necessary travel documents.

This is also the time to get the church to do the wedding bans about one and a half months to the wedding.

If you are moving in together after the wedding this is the time to start shopping for a new home in the area where you would like to move to.

4-2 weeks to go

Touch base with vendor and photographers to confirm dates, place deposits etc.

Make sure all the bridesmaids’ dresses are done and bridesmaids can go for their final fittings at least 2 weeks to the wedding.  Do your final fittings for your dress or suit.

Pick your wedding rings and proofread any engravings.

Buy gifts for the wedding party if you are buying them something.

Have your bridal shower/Bachelor party.

Confirm your wedding night and honeymoon accommodation and transport.

1–2 Weeks To Go…

Give your caterer/venue the final guest count. confirm the times of the vendors and wedding party. It is important to check the weather and make a contingency plan if it looks like it might rain.

Start packing for your honeymoon and also moving your furniture if you are moving in together.

Get a facial or massage.

Do a shot list with your photographer/videographer and meet your DJ and Band to confirm song list.

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1-2 days before

Make sure all wedding day items are packed or laid out.

Meet vendors for final arrangements and payments.

Go to the saloon for a mani-pedi, styling of your hair, a massage and attend the church rehearsal the day before.

Assign somebody to pack your gifts/belongings after the reception and drop them at your house.

Get some rest for the big day. Also, you need an emergency kit for the wedding so make sure you have this – Wedding Day Essentials: A First Aid Kit For The Bride

Enjoy your big day.

If you are planning to get married, have you been thinking about what you need for your wedding? Start saving money towards this so that it is not a heavy financial burden – Finances: 5 Simple Ways To Save Money Every Month

Here are 5 Essential Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

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