L’Oreal Launches Mizani Professional Hair Care Products In Kenya


Did you know that African ladies change their hairstyles 8 to 16 times in a year?

If there is one thing a top priority for many women it is looking good, and a big part of that is hair. Hair is said to be a woman’s crowning glory and so women love to take care of their hair. Over the years hairstyles have evolved and African women are styling their hair in different kinds of ways to get different looks. Hair brands are recognizing this and they are developing products for the versatile women who love to have strong, beautiful hair that can be styled in different ways.

This is probably one of the reasons L’Oreal has formally launched their Mizani range of hair products in Kenya. L’Oreal is the biggest beauty company in terms of sales and this a great move in terms of giving customers access to the best hair brands in the world. The brand has been around for years but with no stylists trained in using the Mizani range of products. One of the things L’oreal has done is investing in training stylists on how to use the products so that you get the best of the products. Mizani has a wide range of products, including some for natural hair which is fact becoming a major trend for black women.

Mizani was launched in the US in 1991 but they have been working on their African customer base by launching on the continent. The mission of Mizani is to have a product that has the perfect balance of protein and moisture to give hair that bounce, hair strength and flexibility. Over the years Mizani has invested in innovation and product improvement. Mizani is a Swahili word that means balance.

Mizani products are friendly to African hair textures. Mizani has a range of products called true texture, meant for natural hair. This line is paraben and wax free as many ladies who are naturalistas don’t want to have chemicals in their hair.

Mizzani has been running a salon expert program for hair stylists and owners to help them understand the product and how to run a salon business. There are currently 30 salon experts under the Mizani program and 300 salons across Kenya have received training. To be able to work with Mizani your stylist needs to have trained on using the products so that L’Oreal standards are being maintained. It is also great that salons are now embracing the natural hair concept and one of the salons that do it is Amadiva.

Mizani Bond Phorce range. Image from http://233liveworld.com/2018/02/07/the-new-mizani-bond-phorce-a-game-changing-hair-technology-by-loreal/

Did you know that your hair has a natural PH of 4.5?

Relaxing your hair takes it from a PH of 4.5 to 12 which is what makes it brittle. Mizani’s Bond Phorce returns your hair to its natural PH. BondPhorce allows you to have healthy, longer and more lustrous hair. The Mizani products have kerafuse and hydrofuse which help in stopping hair breakage.

Using chemicals in your hair affects the natural balance of your hair and porosity. It can cause your hair to be brittle and break off. There is a misconception that colouring hair breaks hair but that is not true. It is incorrect procedures when colouring hair that causes hair to break. Dyed hair needs a lot of moisture so you need to do a lot of moisturising treatments. A lot of people aren’t regular in doing this and this, of course, will make the hair become weak then it breaks off or it looks dull. Colouring hair makes hair porous and hence it gets damaged if it doesn’t get enough moisture all the time. The key to great coloured hair is moisture. You need to use a moisturizing conditioner regularly as coloured hair loses moisture very fast.

Mizani is a premium product and of course that affects the pricing. It will give you consistently good results that will make sure you have beautiful hair. The Mizani range is a professional hair care range which means that it is recommended that you use the products in a salon. The stylists who are trained in how to use the products would be able to give you the best results in terms of your hair because they are trained in hair care. But that doesn’t mean you cant use the products at home, you can. But before doing so please consult the Mizani trained stylists so that they can give you recommendations based on your hair type, what procedures you have done on your hair (texturizing, colour, perm etc) and also what type of results you want to achieve with your hair. It is therefore recommended that your first consultation should be at the salon and the stylist will recommend products for home use and give you instructions on what to do.

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