Entertainment: Juliani Takes Fans On A Four Day Journey Of His Old And New Music. Here Is What You Need To Know


This week, Juliani is holding a four-day event starting from 18th April to 21st April. The four-day event which will be at The Elephant along No. 3 Kanjata Road will include the relaunch of his three albums culminating in the listening party of his new album on Saturday the 21st.  Additionally, Juliani will be unveiling Juliani Hela which is a loyalty based currency for Juliani by Juliani.  It will help his fans get access to his events, buy albums and t-shirts and other Juliani accessories.

Juliani Takes Fans On A Four Day Musical Journey

On the unveiling of Juliani Hela, Juliani said he came up with the idea to bring the community of his fans together and bring value to his interaction with them. He hopes that this will only make his bond with his fans stronger. As a customer, you earn Juliani Hela after you purchase a t-shirt, a ticket and even one of his albums.

One can also buy Juliani Hela by signing on to Juliani.co.ke. Once you sign up for an account, get the number of Juliani Hela you want. You can redeem these points for your tickets. One Juliani Hela is valued at Kshs 100. At the moment, you can buy them at subsidized early bird fan pack rates. In future, Juliani hopes to work with some stores to accept Juliani Hela just like they do Safaricom Bonga Points. However, Juliani Hela is not a form of cryptocurrency. It is a database for his loyal fans who want to join him on his musical journey. Read more about his musical journey Mics and Beats: Juliani

The four-day event will kick off with the relaunch of ‘Mtaa Mentality’, which was Juliani’s debut album. It was the album that introduced him to the people back in 2008. On day 2, he will relaunch his second album which was ‘Pulpit Kwa Street’. The songs in the album spread a message of social and political emancipation for Kenyans.

On day 3(April 20), Juliani will relaunch his third album, ‘Exponential Potential’. The album was about him becoming who he was destined to be and allowing himself to go through the process of preparing himself for the experiences ahead. The idea to have 3 days dedicated to his previous albums came from the need to want to do something new.

‘When you have been in the industry for as long as I have, you assume that the fans that you started, are still with you. This is not always the case. It is always good to remind them where you started and how far you have come. It is also a platform to share your older music with fans who joined in later in your career,’ Juliani said.

The last and final day, Saturday 21st will be the listening party of his new album ‘Masterpiece’. His fans will get a chance to sample some of the music ahead of the album launch on 24th August. Speaking on the launch of his album, Juliani said that he and his team were finalizing the preparations for the venue. He plans to launch the album in Mombasa. The idea is to use the train to get there while hosting some youth in different cabins of the train. Here each cabin will have youth discussing different issues that are important to the growth of the country eg food security, health etc.

‘I just want my fans to come ready to have fun and be ready to be taken back. That feeling of nostalgia as we go through my musical journey is what I am looking forward to. I just want to appreciate my fans and acknowledge that I would not be here without them,’ Juliani said regarding his four-day event.

The songs included in the new album ‘Masterpiece’ will revolve around issues that mean a lot to him; Religion, politics, mental health and relationships. Moving forward, Juliani said he hopes to churn out more music that inspires his fans.

Ticket prices: Kshs 2000 at the gate, Kshs 1500 for Juliani Hela customers.

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