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I have read so many articles on facial skin care, hair care and all sorts of beauty features on make-up, but very few on body care. It’s amazing that we have all these tips on how to make our faces clear, glowy and young, how to maintain and grow our manes and all sorts of makeup tricks to achieve beauty, but what is the point of all that if we can’t apply the same or even half the care on our body. I’m not talking about our health, we have plenty of articles on that too. I’m talking about how to maintain our outward body. I didn’t learn much about it from most articles but over time I learned a tip or two on how to attain the same effect of my facial care on my body.

First I learned how to keep my skin smooth. I’m a naturally hairy person and constantly need to shave to look half decent, not that I look like the hair monster. You know those tiny hairs that are on your forearms and make your hand look like you have hair for sleeves, that’s the story of my arms and legs. When I first started shaving my arms they would be really dry and despite their smooth appearance weren’t any softer.

One day I was on YouTube watching one of my favourite DIY YouTuber and she did a video on how she gets her skin soft. She uses a sugar and coconut oil mixture on her arms and legs. This I realized helps to exfoliate the skin and moisturize it as well. Exfoliating the skin takes off the dead skin and restores the new skin underneath, this goes a long way to not only make your arms and legs smooth but also makes your skin much softer than it was. The coconut oil is a moisturizer that helps retains the skin moisture and nourishes it as well. This I tried once and proved to be true and have since been doing, it gives my skin a glow and makes it smooth, soft and young. A word of caution you shouldn’t overdo scrubs as it can make skin sensitive to UV Rays, leading to easy tanning, rashes and sunburn. Also, don’t scrub dry flaky skin as this will disrupt the barrier function of skin making it extremely sensitive or lead to hyperpigmentation leading to darkening of blemishes.


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The second was how to care for my hands. Getting manicures are great because they really rejuvenate your hands and you walk out of the salon or spa feeling like your hands deserve to be seen, we even go so far as to take photos of our hands at times. What I didn’t know was how to maintain my hands without needing a manicure. Practically speaking most ladies opt to do manicures and pedicures when they get their hair done or when there’s a special occasion. We use our hands for everything and they are in contact with water most of the time. So how do you keep your hands moisturized? Lotions work okay for most people but I feel like they absorb into the skin and dry it out as the day goes by or they make you really sweaty and no one likes sweaty hands. Then I discovered glycerine, my current favourite sergeant-at-arms. Glycerine is naturally absorbed into the skin and retains the moisture within. This is great to have in your bag and squeeze some onto your hand whenever to not only keep your hands moisturized but also to make them softer.

I also learned about the miracle that is Shea butter. This not only evens out your skin tone but clears away old scars, stretch marks and is great for skin smoothing. It is recommended to use products that have Shea butter especially soaps and moisturizers. Soaps strip off dirt and oils from your skin and some strip off the essential oils. Soaps containing Shea butter work to moisturize and maintain the essential oils in the skin. Incorporating Shea butter products into your daily routine will improve your skin in countless ways.

Moisturizing the skin is very important if you want to have that healthy skin glow. Body care is pivotal for overall appearance so as much as we take care of our facial skin, hair, and health we also have to incorporate our body for overall wellness.

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