Technology: The OPPO F7 With 25 MP Front Camera Set To Launch In Kenya In May

The OPPO F7 with Large Display Image Courtesy of James Irungu

OPPO is set to unveil their latest phone in the country, the OPPO F7 which has a 6.23-inch screen-set to make consumption of media easier, in addition to a 25 MP camera front facing camera that is bound to excite selfie lovers. Just to get a sense of how impressive a 25 MP front camera is, the Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera-a preserve of aspiring professional photographers is 24.2 megapixels. The launch of the OPPO F7 comes after the OPPO A83 launched early this year and precedes the OPPO F5 in the F series that has focused on improving display and the selfie experience.

OPPO has been focusing on innovating around the selfie experience starting with the OPPO N1 that had the swivelling camera (back camera could be flipped and used to take selfies). The F7 will feature a second-generation A.I camera with smarter A.I recognition, better beautification and A.I learning. In modest terms, an A.I camera uses machine learning technology such that the more you take selfies the more the camera learns and uses data from a global photo database to beautify your selfies. It enhances over 200 facial features and as claimed by OPPO-even on group selfies.

The OPPO F7 with Large Display
Image Courtesy of James Irungu

The A.I technology also allows the camera to recognise your surrounding (poorly lit areas, outdoors, at a party etc.) and adjust the photo accordingly; blurring the background in portrait mode, reducing/increasing the lighting as needed. With an A.I technology camera you don’t need to manually adjust anything before taking photos, it is automatically done –which according to OPPO, is thanks to the new features developed in collaboration with professional photographers and make-up artists.

Additionally, the phone camera will incorporate an industry first -“Sensor High Dynamic Range”, which is a technology that enhances colour in the phone’s display, making it look more real life. If you have observed older TVs compared to modern TVs, you will notice that the new ones have richer colours-the grass is greener, hair darker etc. this is due to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) tech, OPPO will be the first company to bring this technology to a front phone camera.

The OPPO F7 25 Megapixel Camera
Image Courtesy of James Irungu

The 6.23-inch screen gives the phone an 88 % screen to body ratio, the screen resolution is at 2280 by 1080 (a 19:9 aspect ratio), with the total body weight at 158 grams. The phone comes in two variations; 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage vs 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Additionally, the phone will have a dual SIM slot, a fingerprint scanner at the back, 16 MP back camera, face unlock feature, 4G network, a 3,400 mAh battery while running on Android 8.1.

The OPPO F7 is expected to be officially launched in Kenya in early May, with a fan-celebrity meetup campaign for customers on the eve of the launch. The phone comes in colours of shiny solar red, silver and diamond black. At the moment no information about the price has been released but we will keep you updated.

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