Product Review: Bidco’s New Instant Noodles Brand ‘Noodies’


Noodles, since their introduction into the market a few years back, have steadily become a mainstay in the Kenyan food market, mostly due to their simple, fast and easy-to-cook nature. That said, there have been a few brands that have introduced their own noodles product into the market, with some of the major ones being Indomie, Numi, Nissin Cup Noodles among many others. Seeing as I had tried all these other brands before, I decided to give a try to the newest brand on the block, Noodies from Bidco Africa Limited.

Product Description.

The noodles come in an exciting 120g pack, with printed images of how the noodles are supposed to like when ready the on the pack. This will instantly grab the attention of any person passing by the Noodle section in supermarket aisles, so the branding and packaging is a definite plus. Also, the noodles come in three exciting flavours, Tomatoes and Onions, Chicken flavour and Mchuzi flavour to offer variety to consumers, depending on their taste bud preferences. Also, each pack comes with a seasoning sachet inside it, to add to the noodles when cooking to give it that spicy, zingy and flavoured taste. The Noodies noodles brand are also very affordable, with each 120g pack retailing for Kshs. 30.

Product Review.

Well, if you’re anything like me, a homebody who likes to do most of his work from home, you’ll appreciate the value of a quick snack. The kind of snack that doesn’t take too much effort to prepare, doesn’t involve the hassle of preparing individual ingredients and doesn’t actually take much of your time (time that could be spent working) waiting for it to cook.

Noodies noodles is just that. With a maximum cook time of just three minutes, it is indeed a very quick and efficient meal. It also doesn’t take a lot of genius to prepare it, but just a simple four-step procedure. First, just boil about 300ml of water, that’s about ¾ of any regular sized cup in the kitchen, add the Noodies into the boiled water, add the seasoning and stir, cook for three minutes and voila. Done.

I particularly appreciated this fact, its easy to prepare nature. Another thing I appreciated about the Noodies brand, is its great taste. As stated earlier, having tried all the other noodle brands in the market, Noodies got my taste buds buzzing the most out of the bunch, particularly due to its great taste, as stated earlier. I particularly enjoyed the Mchuzi flavour, because of its spicy and beefy taste, though the Chicken and Tomato and Onion flavour were also quite good.

Another thing that I liked about the Noodies brand is that it has, as I found out later after having to search the internet for a definition, no added MSG (Monosodium glutamate), a popular though controversial flavour enhancer that has been linked to quite a few health problems over the decades, such as causing frequent headaches and allergic reactions. Therefore, Noodies is both nutritious and healthy, and you don’t have to worry about negative side effects while consuming it.

However, a particular downside to the Noodies is its portions. I found the portions to be a tad too small for my liking. So, if you’re very hungry, Noodies won’t be of too much help to you, you would probably fancy getting a heavier meal as opposed to the noodles. But if you’re looking for a quick bite, then Noodies is just the brand for you.

Overall, the Noodies brand is a great quick snack to have, that’s cheap, easy to make and a healthier alternative to the junk and fast foods that we often indulge in while looking for a quick snack. It is also very efficient, as it could serve as a just a quick meal for you, or a quick snack for your children, thereby giving them a nutritious and healthy meal as opposed to fast foods.

Generally, it is a good product with the main differentiating factor between it and the other available brands being its great taste and healthy and nutritious content. However, as stated earlier, it is best consumed as a quick snack or bite and not as a sustainable/main meal to get you through the day.

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