Technology: The AfroUrembo Application Allows You To Book Beautician Services From Your Mobile Phone

The new AfroUrembo Application

The newly launched AfroUrembo App is set to help customers seeking beautician services in Nairobi. The application is designed to link all the beauty shops registered to the customers from the comfort of their mobile phone. Looking for beauticians can be a struggle especially in Nairobi. If you are not lucky to get a referral from a friend or family member, you leave it to chance. You walk around and select whatever salon or barber shop looks good enough. This does not always work out so well since the results can be disappointing.

The new AfroUrembo Application

Another issue the application was designed to solve was the issue of timekeeping. Some customers complain that the beauty owners do not keep time when they book for services in advance. Or, the customer finds that their favourite beautician is attending to someone else or is not around.

How the application works

Once you download the application on google play or IOS, you can register either as a solo beautician, an owner of a salon or as a customer seeking services. As a customer, your home screen contains all beautician services available in Nairobi. From weaves and extensions to kid hairdos, nail technicians, locks and roots, barbers etc.

Once you select a service, the application shows you all the available salons and their locations. Each salon has a list of their services and their prices. This allows you to work out your budget first. When you select the salon and service, all you have to do is book an appointment. There are time slots from morning to evening. The available time slots are shown to you to select what works best for you.

The one thing I loved about booking your appointment time is that depending on the service selected, it shows you how long that service takes to complete. This is a great option especially since people can be busy and they need to know how much time they are spending in the salon. The final step just involves checking out.

Each salon has its own gallery where they showcase previous hairdos they have done before. This way you can sample their work before you book an appointment.  There is also contact information provided just in case you want any other details clarified.

My only concern was that there is no contingency for when a customer fails to show up for an appointment they have booked. As a beautician, you may avoid taking in clients since the site shows that you are booked at that time, only for the client not to show up.

Overall, the site is very easy to navigate and use without any hustle.

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