Apple Cider Vinegar: My Review After Using It And Why You May Need To Rethink Some Of Its Benefits


At one point you may have come across an article praising apple cider vinegar and listing its tremendous benefits and how it will work miracles for you. I have come across tons on the same and have empty bottles of the “cure-all” to prove it. Apple Cider Vinegar is appraised for its properties to aid in weight loss, whiten teeth, balance out blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, kill tumours and cancerous cells, soothe sunburns, even out the skin tone and many more. Hearing all that will make you want to rush to your nearest mart and purchase a bottle, one with the mother as will be advised. I will not completely disregard the notion that it may have some of these benefits seeing as it is an organic product and contains nutrients that are essential to the human body, I will, however, take apart some myths fed to the masses based on my experience with the product.

  1. Weight Loss.

This was the property that sold me on the product. My mum called me up one day and told me a client of hers had recommended Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss, you can imagine how fast I ran to purchase the product. At first, I bought regular Apple Cider Vinegar before later buying the one containing “the mother”, this was supposedly the healthier one. I drank it with dedication (a tablespoon in a glass of warm water) every morning and evening for about a month. If you have any experience with the concoction you are aware of how unpleasant it is to consume. Now picture my dismay at the realization that it actually did nothing to aid my weight loss journey. I was frustrated, what had happened? I had been assured of results in no less than two weeks and here I was four weeks later with zero results to vouch for it.

I later read an article that opened my eyes to the product. According to the article, Apple Cider Vinegar is somewhat helpful to the metabolism but doesn’t go all the way to heighten metabolism and burn fats. It is also great for suppressing the appetite, drinking the mixture before meals helps reduce intake and gradually makes you watchful of your food consumption. It seems to have mixed results as some people swear by it and they say they have seen results, maybe I was doing it wrong or it doesn’t work for everyone.

Weight loss is a very personal journey and I recommend if anyone is really set on it then get some HIIT exercises and a good diet plan to support that, there isn’t really a miraculous way of doing it without putting in the work. I had to learn that after torturous periods of experimenting different products including green tea, weight loss products and the sort.

  1. Skin tone/ Pimples.

This one got me as well, who wouldn’t want to have clear, even skin. So here goes a horror story about the break out Apple Cider Vinegar caused on my face. I got a little amount of the thing dabbed it onto my face towel and went on to press onto my freshly washed face. I felt an itchy burning feeling on my cheek and immediately rinsed it off my face. I had a greyish patch on my face that was tender and hurt so bad. Over the next few days it dried out and turned dark, I walked around for about a week with a huge dark patch on my skin that couldn’t be covered up by makeup due to the dry layer it had. Later it peeled leaving behind a scar that is still faint to date. That marked the end of my experimenting with Apple Cider Vinegar on my face and my lesson on the importance of a skin patch test. It may have to do with the fact that I used the product concentrated but I wouldn’t recommend using the product on your face without guidelines on the same.


  1. Teeth whitening.

I also used the product to whiten my teeth for some time before I stopped due to the aftermath effect. Not that I have brown coloured teeth. Over the years the teeth get a faint tint and the pearly whites become neither as pearly nor as white as they once were. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar would be great to whiten the teeth and followed the procedure to clear my teeth. I failed to question the fact that you are recommended to drink a concoction containing Apple Cider Vinegar through a straw. After about two weeks of using it, my teeth became highly sensitive to cold and hot foods. I stopped and did further research and to my dismay realized Apple Cider Vinegar has a permanent damaging effect on the tooth enamel. The enamel is the protective layer of the teeth and I was continuously damaging it by using Apple Cider Vinegar directly on my teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar is not a bad product seeing as it is great for dandruff and as a salad dressing and plenty more uses. I would recommend thorough research on it before pinning all your hopes on the product as a super product like I made the mistake of doing.

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