Funding: Looking For Money For Your Creative Projects? Check Out These Grants For The Arts

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The arts are a major part of our everyday lives be it films, fashion articles, art objects and even household items. There is a creative mind behind the objects that create them from nothing to something, these may be our local artists or international ones. The arts have for such a long time been made marginal due to the conservative attitudes of people. Tell your parent you want to drop out of college and start painting, filmmaking or even joining the fashion industry, I assure you the meeting that will be called to your home will include relatives you haven’t seen in years. This same attitude has been carried on and affects artists such that they lack proper support and funding for their works. Graciously enough some organizations acknowledge the importance of art and empower young artists by providing grants and funding for their initiatives. Here is a list of some grants available for young artists.

  1. New Arts New Audience (NANA).

The British Council is a patron of the arts and has come up with this innovative grant in collaboration with British creative artists and East African creative artists. This is a grant that invites applicants across Africa and in the UK to collaborate with fellow artists and submit projects. Applications are received annually in July and have an age range of 18-35. Visit their site for more information on future applications.

  1. Mobility East Africa Travel Grant.

This, also offered by the British Council, is a grant which opens up an opportunity to participate, engage and explore contemporary art across East Africa. It facilitates for meaningful connections across national borders in collaboration with other artists to nurture, inspire and catalyze their works. The grant is accessible to artists, cultural practitioners, researchers and curators across East Africa. Visit their official site for more information.

  1. Fashion Product Lab.

This is an 8-week incubation program by Metta that is open to fashion designers. The program offers mentorship, workshops, and networks for the designers to add to the fashion value chain’s growth. The designers get a three-month renewable access to Metta’s ecosystem where they can network and meet new connections. Participants get access to mentorship and guidance by top fashion industry experts. Their site gives full information on it.

  1. Filmmakers without Borders.

This is a grant based on an educational non-profit organization that aims to empower the next generation of digital storytellers. They do so through various grants, educational resources, and international fellowships. They empower youth, provide funding, connect cultures, support educators, develop resources and partner with schools to do so. Visit their site to get more information.

  1. Hubert Buls Fund.

This funds filmmakers in different stages of script and film development to the final production stages. The fund supports international filmmakers in various regions including Africa. Visit the site for more information.

  1. World Cinema Fund.

The Foreign Ministry in collaboration with Federal Foundation for Culture and the Goethe Institute provides this fund working to support cinemas in regions with a weak film infrastructure while fostering cultural diversity in German cinemas. The World Cinema Fund supports production and distribution of feature films and feature-length documentaries. The support is focused on the following regions and countries: Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus as well as Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. Visit the site for more information.

  1. Hot Docs: Blue Ice Documentary Fund.

This fund helps to enable more African documentary filmmakers to tell stories and contribute to the African documentary community. This fund grants up to $10,000 CAD for development grants and up to $40,000 CAD for production grants to 4 – 10 projects annually. Yearly, up to five projects are invited to participate in a year-long mentorship program. They do this alongside private filmmaker labs at Hot Docs and the Durban FimMart/Durban International Film Festival. Visit the site for information.

  1. Alter-Cine Foundation.

This was founded in honour of the late Canadian filmmaker, Yvan Patry. The foundation aspires to encourage tearing down the walls of silence, denouncing injustice and barbarism, and giving a voice to victims of horror. The Foundation offers a yearly grant to young film and video makers from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to direct a documentary film on the theme of rights and freedoms, including social and economic rights, women’s rights, the right to culture and artistic creation. Visit site for more information.

  1. HEVA Fund.

This is an East African fund that invests in transformative social and economic potential of the creative economy sector in the region. This taps into creative from the region nurturing them and mentoring their growth. Visit their site for more information.

  1. Kenya Film Commission.

This is a local commission that facilitates the growth and development of local filmmakers and creative artists. It provides funding and platforms for growth, interaction, and innovation. The provision of awards also encourages local filmmakers. View site to see current funds and competitions available.

They are many more organizations offering grants and funding for creative artists, filmmakers, and curators. This is opening doors for local and regional creatives. Check out this and many more related to the same to find out more information.

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