Beauty: 5 Creative Ways You Can Use Your Expired Makeup


The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Women spend large amounts of money on beauty products every year. If you look into a drawer of a makeup enthusiast, the amount spent on the makeup in there is probably enough to buy a small piece of land somewhere. The sad thing is, makeup just like everything else has an expiry date. It is very easy for makeup to expire even before it is completely finished. This is especially for those with a large makeup collection. Since makeup interacts with your skin, it is very highly recommended that it not be used past the expiry date. Additionally, you should not turn expired makeup into other DIY makeup products. You may be doing major damage to your skin. Worry not, there are a couple of things you can do to use expired makeup instead of throwing it away.


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Skin toners

Most toners have alcohol as an ingredient. This makes them the perfect option for cleaning mirrors or any glass surfaces. Simply put your expired toner into a spray bottle. Gentle spritz the toner onto the glass surface. Use a newspaper or clean cloth to wipe it off. Your glass surface will be left looking shinier and cleaner than ever.

Face and body creams

Some face and body creams can be really expensive. So if you realize that you had forgotten about them and had tucked them behind the drawer until their expiry date, you may be a bit mad. You may feel like you got robbed of your hard earned cash. However, the last thing you want to do is use the expired product on your face or body. Use the face and body creams to polish leather surfaces. They make the leather shinier and prevent it from looking too dull. It can be shoes, bags, jackets or even gloves. They are also bound to leave a really nice scent too. Please do a patch test first so that you don’t ruin your leather items.

Eyeliners and eye pencils

Now, these are often products people do not notice expire. People use them for years on end. In truth, they may have the least effect on your skin compared to other products. However, to be on the safe side, its best to keep off. Expired liners can be used for sketching. It is a definite plus especially if you are an artist. If you are not an artist, you could also use them as simple pencils to scribble things down.


You can use your colourful but expired eyeshadow as a new shimmery nail polish. Simply place all your remaining eyeshadow into a small bowl. Crush the contents until it becomes a fine powder. Pour clear nail polish preferably a top coat or base coat into the powder and stir using a nail polish brush. Ensure that the mixture is not too thick or too light. Do this when you want to apply the nail polish at that precise moment. When the mixture is exposed to air it dries very quick.


Now, this has more to do with the wand rather than the mascara. You cannot use the expired mascara but you can use the wand. Ensure you clean the wand thoroughly to get rid of the excess mascara on it. Afterwards, you need to store it in a clean place. Mascara wands tend to easily pick up dirt.  You can use it to declamp your eyelashes as you put on the new mascara. Since it does not have any mascara, the wand works perfectly.

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