Relationships And Technology: The Types Of People You Will Find On Online Dating Apps

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Looking back a couple of decades ago, courtship was almost a three-step process; you notice the person, court the person or be courted, then talk about marriage. Times have definitely changed. There are various avenues and ways people can meet and fall in love. Technology has brought about platforms that bring potential suitors right to your phone. Online dating has quickly become a thing of the norm. And as much as it’s brought about catfishing and what not, there are still some genuine people out there simply looking for love.


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However, people will always be people with very different personalities. They will approach dating in extremely vast ways. Don’t believe me? Simply log onto an online dating service and you will surely be entertained. Here is a list of a couple of personalities you might come across.

The serious ones

These ones have not gone there to play. They know what they want and they shall not waste time getting it. They make their intentions clear right off the bat. These ones are there to look for lifetime partners. They are often the ones that proclaim love after talking for two weeks and having not met the other person. You may be on the other side of the phone thinking to yourself ‘This person barely knows my second name’. In the event you spend too much time talking online without a meeting, they may suggest that you go over to their home for your first date only to meet one of their family members. This person often thinks that it is okay to meet family members that early on. You might want to stay clear of such people if you are looking to take things slow.

The one-liners

Now, these are not much of conversationalists. Trying to get to know them can be exhausting and often times boring. Their conversations are dominated by strict one word or one sentence answers. It only gets worse when they initiate the conversation out of the blues and expect you to take the lead. Then when your futile efforts to have a wordy conversation with them come to an end, you give up and walk away. There is a likelihood the next text that shall come your way will be a ‘ Why don’t you want to talk to me?’. They are honestly just a weird bunch.

The multiple texters

These people, unlike the one-liners, send a gazillion texts at a go. They are expert texters and finish typing and sending five texts before you finish typing one. It becomes a game of playing catch up reminding you of high school days when you used to struggle to take notes from your teacher. These multiple texters also have the habit of thinking that your hands are glued to your phone or gadget. They will send you a multitude of questions then go ahead to send you a text asking why you are ignoring them after less than 2 minutes. I just want to know, how do they have so much free time?

The chronic liars

These are a force to reckon with. I applaud them for the imagination. Everything they say from the moment the conversation starts is a lie. From their place of residence to their career to how old they are. If you are lucky, the only thing they might not taint with their lies in their name. The conversation is dominated by talk of the houses they own, the multimillion businesses they run coupled with their expensive cars, the expensive weaves they adorn and the restaurants they go to. In a bid to try and impress the other person, they take their lies to far. So much so they end up contradicting themselves in the process. They might as well buy some reality with all that money they claim to have. Single lady in Nairobi: why I don’t want love found on the internet

The nudists

These are just plain insulting. They start off small. They ask for a picture of your face. Because they want to see you better. Probably internalize your facial and body features. This is even if you have set your profile picture as yourself. No, that is not enough for them. They want to be special. Have a picture only they can see. If entertaining, they take it a notch higher. They ask for a nude or semi-nude picture of you. They did not internalize your features enough from the previous photos and of course, want to see me. Some even send you their own photos when you haven’t asked for them. My simple advice, run and hide.

The sapiosexuals.

These kind believe that having great conversations means using words with 10 letters or more. They use jargon to communicate the simplest messages. You may need a dictionary next to you to even begin to decipher what they mean. They are also very quick to correct you even in matters of where the issue is opinion-based. The idea of personal opinion is foreign to them. They must exert their intelligence and you should be awed by it. They are never in the wrong or admit to showing weakness. You might as well make up a word and use it during your conversation. However, rather than ask what it means, they will move on swiftly from the current topic.

The keepers

Now it’s not all bad or hilarious. Many people have met online and gone on to have budding relationships. These ones, listen and talk as well. They are engaging and are clear about what they want but do not impress it on the other person. They may not be many but they exist.

Are you dating online? Are you one of the above?

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