Product Review: Is Mizani 25 Miracle Milk An Effective Multi-Purpose Hair Product?

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The struggle with ensuring that your hair is healthy is making sure that it has all the requirements it needs. This means having products for moisturizing, strengthening and products that promote healthy hair growth. So you often need to buy different products to cater to all these needs. I have been using the Mizani Miracle Milk for about 3 weeks. I was excited to try it since it is a multipurpose product and I wanted to know how it would perform on my texturized hair.

Product Description

The Mizani Miracle Milk is a leave-in treatment for all hair types. That means it can be used by people with natural, texturized and relaxed hair. The product is a white milky but light lotion that comes in a spray bottle. It contains xylose which is meant for strengthening the hair strands and coconut oil which is used as a natural conditioner which also provides shine to the hair.

This multipurpose product claims to have 25 benefits. The benefits are divided into three categories;

Moisturizing: It is a nourishing leave-in conditioner, lightweight, controls flyaways, reduces dryness, helps condition transitioning hair, adds smoothness, restores softness, gives a silky touch, and helps control frizz.

Strengthening benefits: helps protect hair during brushing, helps prevent heat damage, helps shield against external aggressors, helps prevent split ends, improves manageability, primes hair for styling and helps seal the cuticle.

Professional benefits: ideal cutting lotion, helps even out porous hair, improves quality of relaxed hair, detangles, makes blow drying easier, adds shine, safe for colour treated hair, style refresher, and has instant results.

Mizani Miracle Milk is also free of paraben sulfate or drying alcohols.

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Product review

The first thing I noticed about the Mizani Miracle Milk was its scent. It has a strong sweet smelling scent. It takes a couple of sprays on your head and your hair smells great. If you are not a fan of strong scents, the smell may bug you.

The second thing I loved about the product is its bottle. It comes in a spray bottle that makes it really easy to apply. It spray bottle lets out a little product at a time which is very helpful since you only need a few sprays to get the job done.

As a moisturizer

I am unfortunately plagued by the misfortune of having really dry hair. So ensuring that my hair gets moisture regularly is a must. Normally that involves taking time to split my hair into small sections then rubbing the moisturizer into my hair. It takes a while.

Before and After using the Mizani Miracle Milk on Dry Hair

The Mizani Miracle Moisturizer did the job in less than five minutes. Because of the spray bottle, you just need to part your hair and spray lightly into the scalp. Since it is so lightweight, it spreads so quick and easy. Additionally, its lightweight nature does not make the hair heavy or cause build up on the edges of the hair.

When used as a daily moisturizer, the product left my hair feeling so soft and silky. I have used it a couple of times to sleek my hair back and also sleek my edges.

Strengthening benefits

I have not really used heat on my hair since I started using it. I try to stay away from heat to prevent heat damage. However, I used it a couple of times before I combed and styled my hair when it was dry. I am used to seeing a couple of strands of my hair on the comb when I comb it dry but when I used the Mizani Miracle Milk, the brush just flowed swiftly through the hair without breaking it.

For the cuticle, I would advise you to transfer a little of the product into nozzle applicator bottle. This way, it can penetrate deep into the root.

Professional benefits.  

One of my favourite things about this product is how great it works as a detangler. I used it on damp hair and I loved how fast it was to detangle my hair without breaking. However, I realized the results are better when the hair is damp as opposed to when it is completely wet. It makes the strands of hair so soft.

Before and After detangling my damp hair with Mizani Miracle Milk


  • The product is white so you need to rub the product into your hair or it will leave behind some white residue. Alternatively, you can spray while the bottle is far away from your head to reduce the pressure and the white residue.
  • Like I said before, it has a really strong scent so you cannot use too much or you risk irritating your nose (for those who don’t like strong smells).
  • I tried using it as a styling lotion but it was too light so it did not work.

I would, however, buy the product again. It works really well as a multi-purpose product so you do not have to use more than one product on your hair especially when you are in a rush.

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