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Choosing the right window treatments is all about balancing functionality with aesthetics. Your window treatments should work towards answering your needs for a particular room while enhancing the look and feel of your décor theme.

Here are some expert tips on how to choose the perfect window treatments.

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Privacy Concerns

Generally speaking, if you’re concerned with maximizing privacy in the room (e.g. a bedroom) you should avoid window treatments that are made of sheer materials. These are essentially see-through fabrics that let in a lot of natural light. While these are a popular and affordable choice, they do not offer any kind of serious privacy.

Custom Window Treatments

Pre-made window treatments will always be cheaper than custom-made. Go with selectblindscanada custom window treatments only if the situation calls for it, such as when your windows are an odd shape or you have to resort to uncommon mounts.

Layering Window Treatments

It’s quite common to mix window treatment types, such as blinds and drapes. If your budget allows for it, don’t hesitate to try different combinations to suit your particular needs.

Matching the Décor

It’s not about having the window treatments match exactly with the colours and textures of your décor. Find a balance by creating complementary elements between the drapes or blinds and the walls, rugs or furniture in the room.

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Light Level

If you need to seriously cut down on the light coming into the room, consider blackout shades. On the other hand, going with sheer fabric window treatments will allow natural light to filter into the space.

Fabric Type

Consider two main factors when choosing fabric type: how much sun the room gets and is it in a splash zone. Intense sunlight will damage certain materials over time (such as cotton drapes) while vinyl is a better choice for easy cleaning and maintenance.

DIY Upgrades 

You can always customize pre-made window treatments by using stencils or tying ribbons on drapes for example. There are many ways to add a bit of unique flair to any style of window covering.


With a little creativity and know-how, you can transform your old drapes into a different style of window treatment altogether. Using tension rods, you can turn drapes into simple shades, for example. Or if you don’t like the colour or finish of your hardware, you can always paint over it.

Get Really Creative

You can even make your own window coverings. Almost anything, from patterned sheets to aprons, can be used as a window covering. Just make sure you craft them properly and with care so they don’t look haphazard or shoddy.

These are just a few tips to get you started. When it comes to window treatment design tips, the sky is the limit. Experiment with what you like and you’ll come up with the perfect solutions for your space!

And remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Partnering with a window treatment expert is always a good idea, especially if you’re dealing with unusual windows or tricky spaces.

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