5 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Used Teabags

Drying your used tea bags

With the various types of tea in the market, it is not a wonder that tea is a staple drink in most countries. We have green tea, cinnamon tea, lemon tea, lemongrass tea and the list is endless. For most people, teabags are meant for one use then are quickly tossed in the bin. It can be a little odd to store teabags to use them the next day to make another cup of tea. However, instead of throwing them away right after one use, you can actually do a lot of things with used teabags. They help in the simplest tasks around the house.

Drying your used tea bags

In your home garden

If your lucky enough to have some space to grow a few plants and flowers just to make things colourful and natural, then used teabags should come in handy. Alternatively, you can also use the teabags on your potted plants you have around the house. Teabags contain nitrogen and other nutrients that are great for the soil. The nitrogen attracts good bacteria which really helps fertilize the soil. The smell is also a great pest repellant and will keep your plants’ pest free. Wet tea bags contain tannic acid which lowers the pH of the soil creating a perfect environment for your plants. It also increases soil structure and drainage properties of the soil. Urban Farming: Here Is How To Grow Healthy Sukuma Wiki And Spinach In Your Backyard

 To clean carpets and rugs

Used tea bags are the perfect cleaning agent for routine carpet and rug cleaning. Store a couple of used teabags in the fridge. You may want to use a little water so they don’t go bad. When in need, take the teabags out, open them up and let the leaves dry. Once they are dry, sprinkle the dried leaves onto the carpet along with some baking powder. Wait for about 20 minutes then vacuum. Many people walk on your carpet and a bunch of things are also placed on them too. The dried leaves along with the baking powder help absorb any odour in the carpet or rug leaving it smelling fresh. You can use scented tea leaves if you want a scented rug or carpet smell.

Spa treatment

There is nothing as good as a relaxing spa treatment. You do not always have to go out to get spa services. You can just make your own little spa from the comfort of your home. Using tea bags, you steam your face and even get rid of those under eye dark circles you may be dealing with. Green tea works best for this idea. Boil a few cups of water then add one or two used green tea bags depending on how tough you want the concoction to be. Pour the concoction into a bowl. Using a towel to cover yourself, bend your face over into the bowl for a couple of minutes. The teabag steam helps open your pores while toning and hydrating the skin.

For the undereye circles, all you need is to refrigerate your used tea bags. When they are cool, place them under your eyes and lay back for a few minutes. The caffeine restricts the blood vessels under the eyes thus reducing that puffy and dark look they normally have.

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Cleaning dishes

Cleaning greasy dishes can be a lot of work and clearing it all out can take a lot of soap. If your dishes are too greasy. Simply soak them somewhere overnight and add used teabags to the mix. The tannic acid in the teabags strips away the grease stuck on the pots and pans. By the time you wake up, the grease will be gone. You can use multiple bags depending on how greasy your dishes are.

Heal Wounds

Teabags are a mild astringent. This means that they cause the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues. That is what makes them such a great option for healing wounds quickly. Place the used teabag on a fresh open wound and then wait. If there is excess bleeding, the teabag can fix that. The tannin in the acid works as a great blot-clotting agent. Health: Using Honey As An Alternative To Clean And Heal Wounds

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