5 Tips To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Using the inside of cabinet doors for storage: Image from http://pinterest.com/pin/43910165097174604/?source_app=android

If you are someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then you know the importance of keeping it organized. Nobody wants to work in a space where everything seems like it is just laying around. The main idea while organizing a kitchen is to ensure that things flow systematically. For example, when cooking, you should be able to reach out to all the things you need without too much movement. Unfortunately, when dealing with a small space, kitchen organization can be a little taxing. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Utilize the inside of your cabinets

Cabinet space in small kitchens is very limited. You, therefore, have to be very creative with the space you have. Use mesh racks which you can buy for a reasonable price and place all the small sized containers in it. You can store your spices, salt and sugar shakers, or anything else you can fit into the rack. It will depend on the size of the rack. Do not overload it with too much stuff because things could end up being very messy.

Using the inside of cabinet doors for storage: Image from http://pinterest.com/pin/43910165097174604/?source_app=android

Repurpose old containers

Old product boxes and containers can be used for storage purposes. You just have to get a little creative with them. Alternatively, you can just use them as they are without altering them. For example, you can use an old cereal box to store other smaller goods. You could also use aluminium foil to store spaghetti instead of leaving them in the plastic paper they came in. If you look around, there are other product containers that could be of use but normally end up in the bin.

Reusing a cereal box as a storage container. image from http://pinterest.com/pin/164451823872905380/?source_app=android

Using racks

Storing things individually in the cabinet takes up more space than you may know. Using racks and most especially two-tier racks gains you a lot more space. If possible two-tier racks that slide outward so it will not be a hustle taking things out. So if you need a product packed at the corner of the lower tier, you can simply slide the rack outward.

Using kitchen racks to store multiple containers. Image from http://pinterest.com/pin/358247345342047782/?source_app=android

Sometimes, you may not even have the luxury of having cabinet space. These racks also come in handy. Identify a corner in your kitchen, arrange the racks there, then place your products in them. To make it even better, arrange the products in the rack systematically. The products in one tier should be used for a similar purpose. That should make navigating through your kitchen really easy.

 Using storage containers

Products and foodstuff containers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of these containers take up a lot of space. Additionally, when you store them as they are, they do not look very appealing to the eye. Investing in storage containers is a great idea to help with your kitchen organization.

You can store your cereals, sugars, flours, snacks and anything else you can shift from its original container. Then you can arrange the containers in your cabinets or if you are lucky enough, a pantry. This just doesn’t only come in handy but it is quite pleasant to look at.

Store foodstuffs in jars and baskets. Image from: http://pinterest.com/pin/A-UEcwEQgHgGPQNrhh3pGYk/?source_app=android

Hang your cutlery and cooking utensils

This involves utilizing the side of your kitchen cabinet doors or the wall space. Find a designated corner in the house preferably next to your cooker. Go ahead and hang your cooking spoons, pans, cooking pots and measuring spoons as well.

Hanging utensils on the wall for storage. Image from http://pinterest.com/pin/215821007116960383/?source_app=android

The trick is to ensure that they are not spread out. That can make a small kitchen look too busy.

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