12 Shows To Keep Your Child Entertained On Showmax

Marvel's Ultimate Spiderman

Children these days love their gadgets. They like to be online playing their games and watching their shows. While we also want them to get involved in other activities, it does not hurt to let them have some screen time. There are so many shows these days it can be hard to just pick a couple. However, Showmax has a wide variety of shows that your children are sure to like. They cover all the genres from comedy to drama and some action here and there. Here are some of our personal favourites.

Invader Zim

Invader Zim

The story is about Zim, an extraterrestrial from the Irken Empire who was sent away from his home after a failed military exercise. Zim is a satirical alien who now wants to conquer the world to prove his elders wrong. Invader Zim follows the life of this little alien who is intent on destroying the Earth but gets other results instead. Watching him run around will make for great entertainment for your children. Watch now »

Rating- PGV 8+

The Garfield Show

The Garfield Show

Time to meet everyone’s favourite neighbourhood cat, Garfield. He is a fat lasagne-loving cat with a knack for getting into trouble. Follow him on his journey as he somehow manages to drag Odie, his fellow pet, and Jon, their very loving owner, through a continuous rollercoaster of his slip-ups. He has the funniest ways of getting everyone in trouble but managing to snag the credit for good deeds he didn’t do. Watch now »

Rating- PG 6+

Kate and Mim-Mim

Kate and Mim Mim

Five-year-old Kate is a girl with a wild imagination – so much so her stuffed bunny named Mim-Mim comes to life. Whenever Kate’s imagination takes him to the magical world, he becomes thrice his normal size. In their adventures, they meet other magical friends who help them solve any problems they may be facing. It is an exciting show that allows children to understand the importance of friendship and living life beyond their wildest dreams. Watch now »

Rating- G

Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime

Once again, the universe’s largest robots face off against each other. If you are familiar with the movie franchise, then this should not be foreign to you. If not, all you need to know is that the Decepticons are always at war with Autobots. The rest will be made clear during the show. Trust me, your children may understand it much faster than you will. It is an exciting show but note that it includes the use of guns and hand to hand combat. Watch now »

Rating-PGV 8+

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

This show centres on the lives of the kids you’ll remember from Rugrats, the group of children who showed us how to interpret things from a toddler’s perspective. Now the Rugrats are in high school and things can only become better. The show talks about parenting in a way that only children would understand, and your kids are sure to relate to some of the characters. Watch now »

Rating- PG

Max Steel

Max Steel

If you want to introduce your child to young superheroes, this is the show to start with. Max is the new kid at his high school, and for a while, that’s all he is – until he realises that he generates turbo energy, the strongest energy in the universe. As he learns to control this newfound power, he teams up with his robot alien friend Steel. Bring your children along the journey as they discover different ways of saving the world. Watch now »

Rating- PGV 9+

Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor

The show focuses on 16-year-old Elena who just recently saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress. Now she is queen, but running a kingdom might not be as easy as she thinks. The most amazing thing about this is that it’s Disney’s first Latin-inspired princess, which is great for diversity. She also serves as a great role model for children to learn that they can face the toughest of issues and still come out victorious. Watch now »

Rating- PG

Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman

Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman

This show is about a teenage boy in high school who is also the neighbourhood superhero. Your children will enjoy watching him as he struggles to go through life like a normal teenager as he hides his superhero identity. What makes the journey even more exciting is his struggle to work in a team with other young superheroes just like him under the leadership of S.H.I.E.L.D. The show offers a great balance of humour and action. Watch now »

Rating-PG 7+

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Kungfu Panda

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness follows Po the Dragon Warrior as he joins forces with five of his peers, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper, to protect the Valley of Peace. Under the watchful eye of their master Shifu, they train to hone their skills so that they can fight the villains they encounter. As usual, students will be students and you can expect a lot of misguided actions and humour. It is a show that will inspire your children and make them laugh. Watch now »


Sofia the First

Sofia The First

When Sofia’s mother marries the king of the land, King Rowland II, Sofia becomes a princess overnight. She realises that adapting to her new life is not as easy as she thought. However, with the help of her friends and family members, and her very useful magical amulet, she discovers that being a princess is more than just wearing fancy dresses. It is a great show that will teach your kids about the importance of friendship and loyalty. Watch now »

Rating- PG 3+

Avengers Assemble

Marvel Avengers Assemble_

Every child likes the idea of being a superhero. This show follows the major Avengers superheroes, including Hulk, Thor and Iron Man, and also introduces the lesser-known Marvel heroes such as The Wasp, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Tigra and Scarlet Witch as they battle enemies such as Red Skull, Wonder Man Ultron and Grim Reaper. The beauty of this show is that it is more than just about the action. It is about caring for each other and working together as a unit. It is a definite must-watch for older children. Watch now »

Rating – PG 8+

The Gruffalo

A little mouse comes across three animals who threaten to eat him, but he outwits them by telling them a clever lie. He then realises that his lie might actually be true. It is a creative masterpiece that clearly depicts the book it was adapted from. It is a movie you will enjoy as much as your children will. Watch now »

Rating- 3+

You can watch these shows and many more on Showmax. Showmax and Safaricom have an incredible deal where you can get Showmax for Ksh250 for 3 months. This offer is for a limited time so take advantage of it now. Trust me, you will not regret it. Check it out now »

The best thing about Showmax is that you don’t always have to be online to watch your favourite shows. You can download your children’s favourite shows when you are on Wi-Fi and they can then watch them anytime, even when you are travelling out of town or on holiday. You can download up to 25 shows on your tablet or smartphone. Also, you can set up profiles for your children so that they can only watch certain things that you have pre-approved. Another wonderful thing about Showmax is that you get 5 devices connected, so you can use devices set aside for your kids and then you can also enjoy your own movies and series on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet at the same time. Learn more here »

Here are shows you can enjoy with your children on Showmax. 10 Family-Friendly Shows You And Your Children Can Enjoy On Showmax

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