Technology: 5 Mobile Phone Applications That Are Sure To Make Your Life Easier

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Technology has definitely made lives easier. Over time various technological advancements have contributed to shortening the time or improving how we go about our daily business. We can now easily talk to people who are in other countries, connect with more than a million people through social media, and transact business using our phones. Necessity is the mother of invention and technology is sure to continue advancing to make things easier than they are now. However, with all the various applications being developed on a daily basis, there are so many mobile phone applications that slip past us. These are handy applications that can make our lives that much better. Here are a couple of applications you should definitely have on your phone.


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This is an application that allows you to organize yourself the best way you can. It lets you organize and prioritize the things you need to do. If you are the kind that likes to make boards, the application has an option of creating boards and even adding a list of cards next to those boards. It is like a fun and colourful way to sort your life out.

The great thing about the application is that you can use it on a project whereby you are collaborating with someone else. You can list down all the tasks you need to accomplish. Once each task is done, it is crossed off the list. Thus you can see how many more tasks are left and gauge how close you are to accomplishing your goal. This is definitely a very handy application to have on your phone. You can find the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Spin me

It is no secret that most people struggle to get out of bed. It does not matter how many alarms you set, you probably snooze through all of them. To make matters worse, most alarm systems require you to simply press a button to shut it up. This is something most people do without even opening their eyes. As a result, you either get late to go to where you need to be or simply do things in a hurry which is not the best way to start the morning. Spin me, is an alarm clock application with a little bit of a twist.

To shut the alarm, you have to get up, place your thumbs on two distinct positions then spin twice. Nothing else will make the alarm go off. There is no snooze button on it. The alarm is also not something you can ignore. The volume automatically goes higher the longer you wait to spin. And just so you know, there are no loopholes. I have tried spinning the phone instead of my body, it did not work. The idea is to allow you to use that minute or two you spend spinning to decide to just wake up instead of going back to bed. It doesn’t necessarily make your life easy but it sure makes life better in the long run. Find the application, Google Play Store or Apple Store. 



Have you ever needed to access your laptop or computer when you are not near it? Where you suddenly remember a document you were supposed to send but forgot to do so before you left the house? Splashtop is an application that allows you to access your laptop or computer from your phone. You just need to download the app both on your phone and your laptop then link them together. Once this is done, you can access your device remotely at any time. Sadly this is not a free app. After getting a weeks worth of a free trial, you can purchase the application for either KSHS 500 a month or KSHS 1800 a year. If you need to access your laptop or computer often, then buying this application is surely worth it and will make your life easier. Check it out on Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

SMS Auto Sender

There are those of you who have a terrible memory. You need to set a couple of reminders to avoid forgetting everything. What makes things worse is when someone asks you to remind them something. Like you are not already struggling to remember your own things. For such instances, use the SMS Auto Sender to schedule text messages. If someone asks you to remind them to do something, at that moment in time, schedule it. You can input the name of the person, phone number and the text itself then ensure your phone has credit to send the texts. At the scheduled time, the text will get to the receiver without you even have to be bat an eye.

It is available for download on theGoogle Play Store 


I am sure a couple of you know all too well the feeling you get when you can not remember how you spend all your money. Sometimes the only way to track your spending is storing receipts which can be tedious. Additionally, since memory may fail, you may forget to pay your bills and only remember when the power goes out. Mint is a budgeting and money tracking app. You can link all your bank accounts to it so it can show you what is the balance in each account.

Since we are already in an era where of paperless money, it should not be that hard to keep track of your spending. Every payment you make using that money in those accounts is registered. The application also helps you create budgets and tells you how much money you have left until you exceed the budgeted amount. Additionally, you can schedule your bills and so you can be notified on time. Each bill you pay is also noted as an expense. It is such a great application to help one track their spending and ensure that they do not go overboard.

Find the application on Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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