Review: Trying Out The Mizani Experience At The Black Butterfly Salon Westlands


The Black Butterfly Salon is situated in Viking House, Westlands along Waiyaki Way. It provides beauty services for ladies, children and even the gents are taken care off. It also deals in products and merchandise such as the sale of Mizani products. I had a chance to experience the services offered at the salon first hand using a voucher I had received from Mizani to try out the Mizani experience after their recent launch of the Mizani range of products in Kenya. The first thing you do is make a call to the salon to book an appointment. Then depending on when you are free and when they have an available spot, you agree on a time.

When you arrive, you are welcomed warmly by an attendant at the reception. You are then given a seat at one of the stations as your scheduled hair technician gets ready to work on your hair. The salon has a couple of different workstations. I loved that there were not too many stations and thus it is airy and spacious. With all the different products used in a salon, it can get stuffy especially if the space is too crowded. I opted to go for a treatment seeing as my hair was in dire need of some love.

Hair Prep

I was handed over to a sweet lady named Florida. As she combed through my hair, we had a conversation about my hair. The conversation was simply to determine the state of my hair (natural, texturized or relaxed) when my last salon appointment was and if there were products I react to etc. It helps when the stylist knows your hair history so she/he can know how best to deal with it.

Hair Preparation

Seeing as I was blessed with hair that often likes to resemble the Sahara desert, she suggested we do a Moisture based treatment using the Mizani Hydrafuse Treatment. Depending on one’s personal hair needs, you could also get the Protein-based option which is the Mizani Kerafuse Intense Hair Strengthening Treatment. Alternatively, you can carry whatever treatment works for you.

After she was done combing my hair all the way through, I went to the hair washing station. The washing process was a step by step process involving the following products; The Mizani Purifying Shampoo, and Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo. The Purifying shampoo was applied about three times to remove all the dirt and oils in the scalp and hair. Once it was rinsed off, the botanifying conditioning shampoo was next. It is meant to restore and boost the hair’s moisture content. After about two washes, the next step was to treat the hair. A generous amount of the Hydrafuse Intense Treatment was applied and massaged into my scalp. The massage was just great. For a few moments, you feel free of any tension in your mind.

Mizani Purifying Shampoo, Mizani Hyrafuse Intense Moisture Treatment and Mizani Botinifying Conditioning Shampoo.My sweet massage had to come to an end and it was off to the drier with me. An array of magazines was provided to keep me busy. After a short while, I was back to the washing station to rinse off the treatment. One of the things I appreciated was how gentle she was with my hair. It was almost as if her hands were in my hair scrubbing out the dirt at the same time massaging my head. I have had a couple of salon experiences that can make you question whether the hair technician plans on ripping out your scalp because of the amount of brute force exerted during the washing process.

Once my hair was clean and treated, I choose to have rollers installed as opposed to blowdrying it out. Florida asked if I wanted a beverage and I opted to have some hot white chocolate. I sipped on it and read some magazines as she installed the rollers. She then brought the dryer to my seat so I would not have to move to where it was. It may not seem like much but I enjoy having to move around less while in a salon.

After about 25 minutes of keeping up with the fashion and beauty world through the magazines, my hair was dry and ready to be rolled out. She then proceeded to roll my hair one last time after taking out the rollers and put me back under the dryer.

For those not familiar with it, rolling your hair allows you to have a slight bob looking hairstyle which I love having done. After that, she then styled my hair and just like that, my relaxation time was up.


  • I loved how gentle the stylist was with my hair from the get-go. Texturised hair, especially with new forming growth, is not the easiest to handle and I honestly do not remember feeling any discomfort throughout the entire process.
  • You do not have to wait to be attended to. Once you confirm your appointment and are there on time, you do not have to wait. Your stylist will be available to you from the moment you get there to the moment you are done.
  • I enjoyed the fact that the stylist actually took the time to get to know my hair before attending to it. It also helped when it came to advising me on the best products to use on my hair.


I would be lying if I said there was something I did not like about the experience. The only issue would probably be the distance from my area of residence. I really enjoyed my time there.


Just like most women, I sometimes dread having to go the salon but this was one of those times I dreaded leaving it. I would definitely go back and probably try out a different option on my hair. The service was great and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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