Blogging: Stiff Competition As Women Dominate The 2018 BAKE Awards


Since 2012, The Bloggers Association Of Kenya (BAKE) has organized the BAKE Awards to award amazing bloggers in different categories. Over the years the number of bloggers submitted has grown together with the total number of votes cast. This is a true testament to the fast-rising numbers of creatives in the blogosphere and the creative space in general. This is also in turn to an increase in readership and following with bloggers recognized as influencers in the community.

This year, the Winners Gala event was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi. There were 33,000 blog entries in all 23 categories. Three categories were added; Best Video Blog, Best Environmental Blog and Best Beauty and Hair Blog. They were added to incorporate the different types of blogs with niches not represented in the existing categories.


Jane Muthoni, General Manager BAKE presents Bonita Aluoch with the blogger of the year award. Image from


One of the biggest highlights of this year’s awards was the clear dominance of women in the blogging industry. Out of the 23 categories awarded, 15 awards were given to the women. Photographer Tatiana Karanja emerged the winner in the Best Photography Blog category becoming the first woman to win that award since 2012. Travel blogger Alouch Bonita also won the prestigious Kenyan Blog of The Year Award. Our blog also won an award for the best Lifestyle blog and Rayhab Gachango, our Managing Editor, picked the award on behalf of Potentash.


Rayhab Gachango, BAKE Awards Best Lifestyle Blog 2018

Some other highlights included the win by Magunga in the Best Creative Writing Blog category. After 4 previous nominations, he finally got the award. It just affirms the value of persistence in this industry not only bagging awards but also in creating quality content. There were also some first-time winners such as,, Over 25, and

To further affirm the growing influence of the blogging space in Kenya this year was the vote tally in the individual categories. A closer look into the number of votes cast and you can tell that there was very stiff competition. The Kenyan Blog of The Year category had the closest margins with the winner, Alouch Bonnita leading with less than 50 votes. Other hotly contested categories included Best Agricultural Blog, Best Topical Blog,Best Technology Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Fashion and Style Blog. Find the pictures of the awards here.

Here is a list of the rest of the winners along with their vote tally.

1. Best Agricultural Blog -1,591,371,001– 986

2.Best Beauty and Hair Blog,085– 1175 -1053 -709

3. Best Business Blog– 1485

4. Best Corporate Blog,579,139

5. Best County Blog– 1,829,537

6. Best Creative Writing Blog,842,404

7. Best Education Blog,148,028

8. Best Entertainment Blog,425– 542

9. Best Environmental Blog,816,406,375,107

10. Best Fashion and Style Blog,804,713,399

11. Best Food Blog,189,008– 970

12. Best Lifestyle Blog– 1,429– 1,309,211

13. Best New Blog,946,242,001

14. Best Photography Blog,644,508

15. Best Public Health Blog,001,415

16. Best Religious or Spirituality Blog,958,380,065

17. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog,013,288

18. Best Sports Blog,683,375

19.Best Technology Blog,886,232,223,207– 731

20. Best Topical Blog,800,781,237 -999

21. Best Travel Blog,168– 1,849,750

22. Best Video Blog (Vlog), 768– 1,568– 991– 791– 772

23. Kenyan Blog of the Year– 1,763– 1,723– 1,117– 906

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