Fashion: 5 Types Of Shoes That Will Make You Stand Out


The great thing about personal style is that it helps you set yourself apart from everyone else. One of the first things people see from your entire outfit is your shoes. They are the item that brings your whole outfit together. So if you want to stand out, you must pay close attention to your choice of footwear to ensure you are noticed for the right reasons. If you are willing to ensure you get the perfect outfit, do the same for your shoe. So what kinds of shoes are sure to make you stand out?

LED Shoes

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Now if you are really want to stand out and get noticed, this is the way to go. LED shoes are regular sneakers fitted with light emitting diodes (hence the name) in their heels. They are made to light up in so many numerous colours, some even different colours at once. In layman’s terms, they are referred to as light up shoes. They are so popular that there are sizes that fit the young and even the adults. Children are easily fascinated by the lights. Do not be shocked when your little one refuses to take his or her LED shoes off. For adults, it is all about making a fashion statement. Check these LED shoes and see what catches your eye. If your aim is to go all out and ensure that you turn heads, then this is the way to do it. They are edgy and also very fun to wear.


Spray Painted Shoes

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This involves adding a little bit of a personal touch to your shoes. Most people prefer to do this after their shoes have been worn over a long period of time and they need to spruce things up. For others, the idea of adding that personal touch is how they set themselves apart from everyone else. They buy their shoes then use paint to personalize them. Depending on your style or taste, you can paint different patterns or drawings. You can even play around with the colours to produce an ombre effect. Just basically brings some flair to the mix so what was once an ordinary shoe can look like a statement shoe.

Studded shoes

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Studs, whether gold or silver can bring a shoe to life. Depending on the pattern you choose for your shoe, they make even a dull looking shoe into an eye-catching one. You can choose the kind of studs you want on your shoes depending on preference. Some are subtle, only at the side of the shoes. However, if you want your shoe to be a head turner, you can go for larger conspicuous sizes. Some even have different colours. The great thing about studs is that they go with any kinds of shoes. Heels, flats, and even sneakers. So have fun with them, keep experimenting until you find what works for you. I can guarantee that it will set you apart in a crowd.

Glitter Shoes

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Now I think this would work more for the ladies but men are welcome to try it. Glitter may seem like an overrated item when it comes to boosting the appearance of a product but that is only because it works. Glitter is so sparkly that it is hard to miss it even from a distance. The great thing about it is that you do not have to use a lot of it for your shoe to pop. Just a little amount placed at the right place will be sure to get people’s attention. There are tons of glittery shoes that are in the market, however, you can always get creative and add some to your shoes yourself. Just remember to be careful. It can get a little messy.

Fabric Covered Shoes

Fabric Covered Shoes. Image from:

There is no harm in mixing it up a little bit. You can choose to have the whole shoe covered in fabric or simply some part of the shoe. The fun bit of this option is that you have a lot of fabric patterns at your disposal. You can choose to incorporate fabric that promotes African heritage, a fabric with a great print or a plain but bold fabric. Especially since we are in an era where promoting African culture in our everyday attire has become a thing. One thing is for sure, you will not go out with those fabric covered shoes and return home without a compliment or two.

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