Entertainment: 9 Nigerian Movies And Series You Will Love On Showmax


It’s funny how we are always laughing about Nigerian movies and their interesting plotlines that end up being about witchcraft or some shady evil person, but even so we still end up watching them. Then there are the fantastic movies that are on another level, movies that show the best of what Nigeria has to offer. I have to admit, I have been watching a lot of great Nigerian movies and series on Showmax. The list below has some of my favourites like Before 30, Diary Of A Lagos Girl, Knocking On Heaven’s Door and Wives On Strike. Another one I really like is Finding Love, but it’s no longer available – I am hoping Showmax will bring it back because it is a fantastic movie. All the shows are rated PG 16.

The best thing is that Showmax has partnered with Safaricom to give you 3 months of great shows at the unbelievable price of Ksh250. So if you haven’t yet subscribed, do so now at www.showmax.com and get to watching some of these great shows.

Before 30 (Series)

Four girlfriends are trying to navigate society’s expectations about life and marriage. One of them is married and the others are looking for Mr Right. Follow their joys and struggles as they try to navigate the world of relationships. As the title suggests, it is about the pressure women feel to get married before they “expire”. This is a new series and I have to say I binge-watched it and I can’t wait for Season 2. Watch now »

Diary Of A Lagos Girl

Ima is young, beautiful, materialistic, and a shopaholic. She spends more money than she has. She is also looking to support her lifestyle, so she only wants to date rich men. But life is more than just shopping and looking good, and she has a lot to learn about love and life. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh. Watch now »

Wives On Strike

Mama Ngozi, Madame 12:30 and friends come together to help their friend Amina whose young daughter is being forced to get married by her husband so that he can get dowry. They go on a sex strike to protest the marriage and force their husbands to do something about how young women are treated and the story makes headline news. Other women all over the country join in the strike and it becomes a national debate. A hilarious comedy that will make you laugh as you watch how both the men and women try to navigate the issue, but this film gives you food for thought as well. Watch now »

Knocking on Heaven’s door

A beautiful gospel singer who is the envy of her peers harbours the dark secret that she is being abused by her charismatic husband. He is envious of her success and it enrages him that she is a more successful singer then him. She meets a controversial artist who tries to help her and even though he is not saved she is drawn to him. She must decide whether she will honour her marriage vows and stay in a marriage that’s killing her or start a new life. Watch now »

Okafor’s Law

Chuks is a player and he believe that any woman who has slept with him can never be able to resist taking him back into their bed. When his friends challenge him to prove it by seducing three of his ex-girlfriends, they make a bet that if he loses he will have to give them shares in his company. Chuks is a master of seduction and he makes elaborate plans on how to get back into his ex-girlfriends’ lives, even going to church as part of his cover to get one girl. But he encounters unexpected difficulties, and he also falls in love which complicates matters. Watch now »

This Is It (Series)

This Is It follows the exciting first year of the very young and clueless newly married couple Dede and Tomide Wanda as they try to settle into their new life. They are faced with everyday random issues like money, conflict in marriage, running a new business and dealing with nosey friends. Watch now »

Mum, Dad Meet Sam

A Nigerian man goes to the UK and falls in love with a white girl. But when he decides to bring her to Nigeria to meet his parents, things go haywire, especially when his ex-girlfriend and mother scheme against his girlfriend. Will real love overcome cultural barriers? You need to watch this movie to find out. Watch now »

Love, Lies And Alibi

This drama is about a playboy who is having multiple relationships and doesn’t really care who he hurts, even his close friends. But when one of his best friends tricks him into believing he is HIV positive, his life begins to unravel when all the women in his life come to visit him on his birthday. Watch now »

Love Or Something Like That

A young surgeon’s chance meeting with her ex-boyfriend throws her new marriage into chaos when she finds out a secret that will change her life and plans. Her life spins out of control and the couple has to make a decision about moving forward together or getting a divorce. Watch now »

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Download and watch later

One of my favourite things about Showmax is that I can download stuff I want to watch on Wi-Fi so that when I am on the road or I know I will be sitting for a long period of time somewhere I can watch movies. Another reason I also like to download some stuff is because you know how it goes with KPLC, and electricity going off means no Wi-Fi. So, I am still covered.  The best thing is that you can download up to 25 shows to watch them offline. Learn more here »

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