Entertainment: I loved The Maisha Magic East Meet And Greet With Varshita! Fans

Maqbul Mohammed and Eve D Souza also known as Varshita pose for a photo with their fans during Varshita TV Show Meet and Greet event held at the Garden City Mall.

I first encountered Varshita on a show called Aunty Boss about three years ago on Maisha Magic East, a channel on the popular pay tv platform, GOtv that we subscribe to.  In that show, she was always at loggerheads with the house helps whom she could not find competent enough to handle her household and her boyfriend would bear the brunt of her scuffles with the domestic managers.  How excited I was when the announcement came that Varshita! would get her own show and what a roller coaster it has been! I love how every episode always leaves me in stitches over her antics to keep the man she has been dating for years, and her parents’ efforts to separate them and marry her off.

On Saturday 26th May 2018, Maisha Magic East organized an exclusive meet-and-greet for fans of this popular show and I was quite excited to meet the cast of Varshita! at the Garden City Mall.  This is in keeping in line with providing its viewers with the best local entertainment.

The comedy show led by lead actor Eve D’souza who plays Varshita and Maqbul Mohammed, who plays Donnovan, the love of her life, has grown to become one of the most popular shows on the channel, appealing to viewers of all ages. The Varshita! meet-and-greet event attracted children and adults alike who were excited to meet the actors.  Most of the children in attendance could sing along with the actors as they sang the theme song after treating us to a short skit of what a typical day in the life of Varshita! looks like.

Eve D Souza pose for a photo with Michelle Karuri during Varshita Tv Show Meet and Greet event held at the Garden City Mall.

Varshita! brings to fore the challenges of inter-racial marriages, coupled with the traditional and cultural clashes that exist between an Indian and African family that find themselves in a situation that proves difficult to untangle. The Bhatt’s, an Indian family and the Wangombe’s, discover that their children Varshita and Donnovan have been secretly dating for 10 years even as the Bhatt family has been planning a traditional wedding for their daughter to another Indian family.

Apart from the lead actors, over 400 viewers and fans of Varshita! got to spend an afternoon with the full cast members including Vaishali Morjaria and Vikash Pattni, (who act as Varshita Bhatt’s parents), Mukami Njiru and Frank Kimami (who act as Don Wangombe’s parents), Juna Vidyarthi (who acts as Manish, the man Varshita’s parents have been trying to marry her off to), Geeta Vidyarthi, (who acts as Mrs Singh, the neighbourhood busybody), Kieran Popo (who acts as Bobo, the lounger who resides in Don’s house), Anjella Nancie (who acts as Wahu, Varshita’s only friend and helps her in stalking Don and chasing his prospective dates away), Dennis Musyoka, (who plays Mutinda, the Bhatt’s gardener), Shirleen Kiura (May) and Sanaipei Tande (who plays Eva, one of Don’s ex-girlfriends).

Varshita cast pose for a photo during Varshita TV Show Meet and Greet event held at the Garden City Mall.

I went with my son who enjoyed an afternoon of fun-filled activities in the outdoor games area with the over 100 children who were in attendance and we were treated to lunch as well. Fans also got a chance to take pictures with their favourite cast members and have them autographed. I loved that they really focused on the kids, there were bouncing castles, trains, a water fountain and merry go round rides for the kids. The kids also got a bag with a lunch box, a packet of colours and a pencil pouch with a ruler. I felt that they made the occasion really special for the kids and it also created great memories for both the adults and children.



Speaking at the event, Head of Channel Maisha Magic East Margaret Mathore assured the viewers and fans of Varshita! of the unrelenting commitment by the channel to continue to serve up the best local content.

Varshita! airs on Maisha Magic East every Saturday at 7.30pm on DStv (Channel 158) and GOtv (Channel 4). The repeats come on Sunday at the same time but you can also catch some episodes during the day on GoTv.


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