Review: The Dexe Deep Cleansing Black Mask


The secret to having ageless skin is ensuring that you take great care of it. That means eating right and hydrating. Additionally, you can add a few products to your skin regimen to give your skin that extra boost. Black masks help to remove all that dirt and excess oil from your skin. They are also meant to moisturize your skin and take out facial hair.

The Dexe Deep Cleansing Black Mask purifies and smoothens skin. It comes in a 120g squeeze bottle filled with a dark liquid. The ingredients include; deionized water and glycerin for moisturizing the skin, methylparaben to prevent fungal growth in the skin and Tween 20 formula which soothes any irritation on the skin. The product is charcoal free which would have been a great plus for skin care.


Before Using The Dex Black Mask

How to Use

  • You should squeeze some of the Dexe Deep Cleansing Black Mask into a small container. Using your hand but preferably a flat brush, lightly apply the product on your face in an upwards motion. The product is very sticky so using one-sided strokes will make your work easier.
  • Ensure that you stay clear of your eyes and mouth. Once you are done, let the product dry on your face for about 7 minutes.
  • When the time is up, you will notice that the product will have become a sheet. Slowly peel off the mask from your face making sure not to leave any of it on your face.
  • You can rinse your face with warm water afterwards if there was any leftover product.
  • Moisturize your face with your desired moisturizer
Waiting for the Product To Dry and Form a Sheet


One thing I learnt the very first time I used it is that it can get really messy when applying it. So ensure you have covered all the surfaces you are using and you have ample warm water to wash your hands out. Now, this might be the most important thing anyone should know before using this product. It is painful to peel off. It feels like you are ripping out your pores. You may experience a burning sensation right after you have peeled off the mask especially if you have a lot of facial hair.

However, minus the pain, my face felt really clean after using the Dexe Deep Cleansing Black Mask. I have normal to dry skin so I was also glad that it did not dry out my face. Especially around my nose and forehead area where I feel my pores get clogged easily. It leaves you feeling really refreshed like you just had a facial wash.

After Peeling Off The Mask


  • It takes less than 10 minutes to be done with the process.
  • The mask takes out all the dirt and excess oil. It cleans it all out.
  • It has no scent so you do not have to worry about any annoying scent.
  • You do not need too much of it per application
  • It is affordable for such a great amount of product. I bought it at Kshs 150.


  • The pain has got to be the biggest con of all. It is not fun to peel that mask off.
  • The product did not have charcoal as an ingredient which is common in most black masks.
  • The application can get very messy very quickly.

I used the Dexe Deep Cleansing Black Mask twice and I will not be using it again. It may be a great product but I can not go through that pain again. However, if you do not mind the pain, I would recommend it especially if you have extremely oily skin.

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