5 Tips To Help You Move Forward In Your Career


A successful career is the combination of skills, knowledge and experience gained from school, previous job positions, or training. To move up the ladder in whatever career you are in, you need a plan. You must know what you want from it and how to get there. The idea should be to build upon what you have to ensure that you are competing at an advantage with people around you. In general, people move up their career ladder through following a steady course, making the right connections or taking risks in their career by leaving a company to go to another. Here are a couple of tips you can utilize to help propel you higher on your career ladder.


Leverage your strengths

When you look around your office, you may realize that you have the same certificates or education level as most of your colleagues. You must, therefore, find what sets you apart. You can do this by finding out what skills you may possess. It can be your quick mathematical skills, great people skills or simply having creative ideas. Showcase your skill whenever you have a chance so that people can see its benefit. However, do not use it at the expense of your colleagues. Additionally, do not allow people to use you. Once you have established your worth, your skill should not be viewed as a free service.

Do Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer experience looks great on any resume. Especially if it is related to your career of choice. It shows that you have mastered the skill and have a passion for what you do. Recommendation letters from your volunteer supervisor also come in handy. Volunteer jobs also narrow down your goals and help you decide where you want to go career-wise. Additionally, if you are in between jobs, volunteering is a great way to avoid gaps in your resume.

Develop emotional intelligence

Your education will prepare you for the intellectual aspect of the job. However, there are no classes where you go to learn how to deal with the social aspect. The truth is the social aspects such as corporate politics, dealing with different kinds of people, and demanding clients are all part of the job. How you handle these things affects your success rate at the end of the day. Things may not always be in black and white and you will need to learn how to best manoeuvre through it. Developing emotional intelligence allows you to handle these things, while still staying focused on your goals like a pro. For example, how you deal with an extremely demanding client even though it goes beyond your stipulated responsibilities can earn you a promotion.


One of the greatest things you can do for your career is to learn the art of networking. Expose yourself to a lot of people. Reach out to people who align with your goals and objectives. You could attend conferences, workshops or simply the interactions you make in the office with different clients. The great thing about networking is that it allows you to either discover new opportunities, develop new skills or simply learn something new. Always be open to meeting new people along your career path. You would be surprised what that can do for you.

Take advantage of opportunities

As you manoeuvre through life, keep a lookout for new opportunities that can help you scale upwards career-wise. It can be within or outside your workplace. Ensure that you are up to date on the issues regarding your line of work. Simple changes can be your chance to push yourself forward. Keep your ear on the ground for opportunities you can exploit.

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