Relationships: 8 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Dad

Father’s Day is simply a day for celebrating fathers for all the things they do for us. It is a time to make them feel loved and appreciated. Truth is, there is not a gift in this world that can ever convey that message of love enough. All we can do is to get them gifts that represent our love and appreciation. Gifts such as watches, cologne, shoes etc. are some great gift ideas one can get for a father. What are some of the other gifts we can add to the mix especially for new fathers?

  1. Care Package

The great thing about care packages is that they contain a variety of goods. Additionally, these goods can be selected to fit the needs and personal preference of the owner. The care package can have body care products. Care packages usually combine different items like body wash, lotion, cologne or spray, shaving cream or deodorant. So, depending on what you want you can get to mix and match items and have them wrapped or get care packages that are already put together.

  1. Pamper him

Nowadays there are a lot of centres that concentrate primarily on men’s grooming. This would be a great gift, especially for a new dad. We all know how the first couple of months or years of a baby’s birth require parents to be hands-on which can, of course, is not easy. Balancing parenting, work life, and social life is no piece of cake. So, get him a spa package that will give him a chance to be pampered by getting a massage etc. Besides, even men need a little pampering just like ladies do. Or pay for him to get a professional barber experience, complete with pampering.

  1. Play Station Kit

This would be a great father’s day gift for men who are video game enthusiasts. You often find that they would like to share their love for video games with their children. They maximize that time to bond with their children. Especially for fathers with children between the ages of 7-12. So, if you have always enjoyed playing video games with your father, an upgrade to the current version of play station the two of you can use would be a great gift. Or you are just a wife who knows that your husband and child would really have a ball playing, a play station kit should be on your list of father’s day gift ideas.

  1. Camera

With the emergence of great quality smartphone cameras, many of us couldn’t care much for a camera. However, there are those of us who still enjoy being behind the lens and taking great pictures. It could be his first camera or just an upgrade of the one he owns. If you are gifting a lens lover, then this is the way to go. What better way for him to capture all those great moments as his child or children grow up especially for a new dad. Those first years of a child are precious. Documenting all their ‘firsts’ with a quality camera is basically priceless.


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  1. Personalized gifts

Sometimes you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a whole new gift. You can always personalize something they already own. Like having ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ engraved on his watch or cufflinks. Alternatively, if you are going to spend money, it can be on a mug or t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket. Whatever item he loves then having the item personalized to include either great father’s day quotes or a collection of all the pictures he has taken with his child/children. You would be surprised how much a simple jacket with ‘ Father of The Year’ printed on it can make any father happy.

Depending on what the dad/s in your life like you can personalize the gifts you give your dad. You could get him a book or a tablet or take him out for a great meal at his favourite restaurant or local. You can also get him a bottle of his favourite drink or if he loves his car, you can pay for his car to be serviced. You know your dad best or your partner best, so you can decide what’s the best way to celebrate him.

  1. Tech Upgrade

Look at the tech gadgets your father uses most and see if you can make his experience that much better. It can be his phone, power bank or even buy him a TV especially if he loves to watch movies or shows. Alternatively, you could decide to cater for subscription fees to a satellite service. He can have an array of options to watch while he is resting at home and even watch sports from the comfort of his home.

  1. Briefcase

Boost your father’s style as he goes to work by buying him a new briefcase. Get him a great simple, quality leather briefcase that can fit all his documents, electronics or his laptop but still make a fashion statement. Every single time he picks up his briefcase to go to work, he will be reminded of you. If that is not a great way to start a day I do not know what is.

  1. Treat him to his favourite activity

As we get older, we seem to have less time to spend with our parents. All your father wants is to spend time with you. So take a day off and spend time with him. It could be just you and him, or with your siblings as well. Spend the day enjoying any of his favourite activities. It could be as simple as tending to the farm, playing golf, or even watching a live football game. Whatever works. The idea is to just spend ample time with your old man.

How will you be celebrating your dad/uncles/partners this father’s day?


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