5 Interesting Party Games You Should Try Out

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Organizing a party for a small group can either be a thing of joy or a headache, because there are so many details to think about, from the number of people to the food and drinks preparation and just when you think everything is done you have to think about entertaining your guests so that they don’t feel bored. Sometimes people come and leave early either due to boredom or previous engagements. The last thing any host wants is to have a boring party. The initial part of parties is catching up with each other but what happens when people are all caught up? To avoid your guests being bored or leaving early you could prepare a list of games prior the party and they will save you when you need it. Here are some suggestions.

Truth Or Dare (Spin the bottle)

This is probably the most common game played. The traditional way is to sit in a circle and spin a bottle, the one whom the bottle points to needs to choose between truth or dare; the person who rolled the bottle gets to task the former. The only problem in this is that for some people who are new to the group, the questions may get too personal and uncomfortable, and the dares may become too demanding. Apparently, there are three ways to play truth or dare. Who knew? You can pick the one that works for you off this list.

As the host, you can jot down a list of fun questions to ask and put them in a bowl. As the guests arrive at your party you write down their names and place the names in a different bowl. Starting with you, you will pick a name and then pick a question or a dare from the other bowl. This will ensure civility is maintained at your party. The person you pick will be the next to pick a name and a dare and the game continues in that order.


This game is used to test mental and visual alertness; one person stands in front of others and tries to describe a person, a character or an action through actions and not words. Though fun, the game is best played by people who share an interest be it movies, football or politics. The fun in charades is in the failed attempts to get the correct answer.

Triple dog dare

The open-mindedness of the players should be put into consideration because the game tends to explore boundaries and give people the guts to do something they would usually not. You need to set a penalty on what happens if a player fails to do as they are told. The penalty should be motivating enough that people will want to do as they are told. For example, the penalty could be that whoever fails to do their dare, they are tasked with paying for dinner or drinks. The fairness in this game is that you are only penalized if the person who dared you does the dare. If I asked you climb up a rooftop and you declined, I should do the dare, if I am unable then I get penalized but if I do, you get penalized.

Never have I ever

The players should be familiar with each other to be able to point out a liar; the fun in this game is in people raising common things that everyone must have done to ensure that everyone drinks. The game’s foundation is laid down by alcohol shots (although you can do nonalcoholic shots as well – with something that is bitter or something); it is essentially a drinking game. If someone said, ‘never have I ever kissed a boy’ everyone who has kissed a boy has to take a shot. The game can get personal thus the people playing should be close friends or better yet, the host can write down a list of things and place them in a bowl.


This is an extremely personal game. The guests are given pieces of paper and a pen. They each then write a secret without writing their names and they place the written papers in a bowl. The bowl is passed around and the guests pick out random papers and try to identify whose paper they are holding. It is advisable to play this within a close-knit group of friends to ensure that secrecy is maintained.

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