Self-Care: Take Care Of Your Mind And Body For Better Productivity


“Yes, you have a social responsibility to your community. You are not, however, solely responsible for your community. Your biggest responsibility is yourself – do not forget that.” Joan Thatiah.

It is often said that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Each day you are alive there are tasks that require your attention, and each task requires a certain amount of energy, time and dedication. But if you are not in the right space, emotionally, mentally and physically you cannot be able to give your best to the things you do.

Self-care is important and it does not come automatically, it needs practice, it is in the simplest of things whose significance we often choose to ignore. Here are some ways you can practise self-care.

Eat well, drink water and exercise – your physical health is quite important in self-care. With all the things we have to do and the busyness that comes with it, the things that are usually neglected are usually food and exercise, on a busy day you are lucky to drink a glass of water. Our bodies tend to adapt to what we give them so if you are used to skipping lunch, you will not feel hungry until dinner time.

This form of lifestyle has adverse effects on how you look, your skin will dry out and the work you do will be affected eventually. With a busy schedule, you should try taking a heavy breakfast to take you through the day and when you can, grab a fruit. Carrying a water bottle makes you conscious of the need to get hydrated.


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Take a nap – your brain can only take so much. We often run on overdrive getting very little sleep at night, every once in a while you will notice that your brain is running slow. There are moments when you are so tired that your brain does not process anything that is why when you stare at that problem you can’t figure it out. You will not figure it out by staring at your computer screen for two hours. Take a nap for around 30 minutes and your brain becomes refreshed. Naps help you escape not just from work but from life itself.

Meditate – checkups always tell you what’s up. The same way you visit the doctor for a full body checkup a year, it is important to mentally evaluate yourself to see if everything is alright. Your mental and emotional health has a very great impact on the type of work you do. Hurts, pain and disappointments that you never dealt with pop up at the wrong time and you may risk a breakdown.

Spend money on yourself – don’t forget to spend some of the coins you earn on yourself, buy that dress, treat yourself to a movie or buy that book you have always wanted to read. Awarding yourself for a job well done gives you an incentive to work harder. When the money you hustle for is lost in basic needs you don’t quite appreciate the early mornings and late nights that you go through or the hours spent in traffic.

When you are happy and fulfilled, you emit positive energy which is directly reflected in your work and your interaction with people. A little self-pampering will help you avoid stress and burning out. Sometimes, taking a break from work may just be what you need to get a brand new perspective on your situation or problem.

Here are other ways you can Practice Self-Care On A Daily Basis

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