A Memorial For Father’s Day – 5 Ideas You Can Use


There are days that the world fusses about, days that are meant to be happy, days that are meant to be celebrated; those days are also days that make some people feel alone. Father’s day is right around the corner and most of you have prepared gifts to give to awesome dads. Some awesome dads are not here anymore so what do you do to celebrate this day?

Hosting a memorial is a kind and loving gesture for those who were left behind by the deceased. It is a personal event, held to celebrate the life of a departed loved one. If Father’s day makes you feel alone, other people feel alone too, so how about you come together and feel alone collectively?

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Death and loss are usually dark moments in our lives. The idea of light is meant to counter the feeling of darkness. You can be creative with the lights. Depending on the kind of person you are honouring, you could use candles or Christmas lights. The point of a memorial is to incorporate some aspect of a dearly departed if they were bubbly individuals Christmas lights with many colours will come in handy. If they were laid back, one colour lights are going to work well. Candles can be used if the memorial will have a religious ceremony. Each individual in attendance is given a candle to hold during the ceremony.


Music is a universal form of communication. It has emotions and reality tied together to form one beautiful piece of art. The kind of music you play at a memorial sets the mood for the kind of event you want. If you want a sad, happy or powerful environment invest in good music.


Photos of the departed with family and friends can be placed around the venue of the memorial. This part of it shows that the individual was one with the community. It is important to also put photos of the departed doing different things in life to show that they had a full life. Happy moments in photographs help tone down the sadness.


Food should be prepared as an honour to the departed. Different things they liked and enjoyed eating prepared how they loved it. This is mainly to share in activities with someone who is not physically there. A cake would be amazing themed with the person’s favourite thing, car racing, books or any hobby they enjoyed.


The place to host a memorial is determined by the person whose life you are celebrating. The places they enjoyed being at most, the places that gave them life. The location is also important to the events. An outdoor venue is more appropriate especially for the storytelling session, at such a time you can light a fire and sit around it. Cry, shout, and laugh it is well.

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