Relationships: 5 Fun Date Ideas


Budding love is such a precious thing and it should be nurtured with the most delicate care and dedication. Dating is a way to better know who your partner is, what their likes are and what they are like as a person. It’s like a compatibility test that occurs over a period of time. If the match is right then the connection is felt and if not then both parties at least had fun trying. It’s hard to date in a digital era where people exist on social media and ignore their physical lives. Dates have become more a “Netflix and chill” affair.

Looking for some date ideas for fun stuff you can do together. Here are a few. Check out this other great list of things you could try.



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is a fun, indulgent activity to do. You can race, drive and even participate in a showdown. The Karts are fast and zoom through the lanes giving you a pure adrenaline rush. The activity is safe and most of all fun, I mean after watching fast and Furious for the past few years who wouldn’t want a race experience. Racing with your partner can present you both with an experience to learn a few things about each other. It both gives you a rush of adrenaline and an amazing date experience that would be unique in its own rights. This is an option for more adventurous people who love speed and competition.


The movies are a classic date location as you get both entertainment and time together. The quiet movie theatres are perfect for quiet conversations and getting to know each other. This may, however, be out of the question for people who prefer watching movies in complete and utter silence. Choose a movie you both like, get cozied up in the seats and get ready for the experience. Movies are a great way to bond as you discover each other’s taste in film and even music. Depending on your budget there’s a schedule with varied prices and discounts to match all pockets.

Ice skating.

Ice skating has always been the thing you see in the films when the girl and the boy are just getting to know each other. Growing up I thought I had to go ice skating with anyone I dated. To top it off it looked like so much fun. I was disheartened to discover thanks to our global positioning it doesn’t snow in Kenya hence ice skating was not going to be a common thing. Well Panari is the only location where ice skating is possible at their state of the art ice rink. This is a fun activity to do on a date. It’s both fun and interactive and a great way to break the ice, pun intended.

Laser tag.

Have you ever watched a movie or series where people are having a laser tag war and you just wish you could join in? Well, you can. You can play Laser tag at ABC place and it offers a great opportunity for a date location. You and your partner can both gear up and battle to see who is better. It will not only be fun but it will also bring out the playfulness in both of you. This would break down any walls any of you may have and make you both openly interact.


This may seem like an unlikely idea but may be the best yet. The time taken to visit the museum offers time to talk and discover facts about each other. You both get the opportunity to ask and exchange information about each other while appreciating history, artefacts and arts at the same time. The opportunity also makes it possible to find out each other’s tastes and opinions about art and culture. It makes you both express yourselves from a place of depth. The renovations made at the Nairobi National museum make it such an exquisite location and the on-location restaurants make it a suitable location for your date out.

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