Watch The World Cup On The Go With Safaricom’s Giga Football Passes


The World Cup is underway and seeing that it happens every 4 years, it is arguably the biggest event of the year. Whether you are a football fanatic or not, you must admit that watching or keeping tabs on what is happening can be a little addictive. Now that we are done with the group stage and are headed to the do or die stages, you can be sure it is going to get more interesting.

In partnership with Kwese Iflix, Safaricom is helping viewers keep up with the latest happenings of the tournament with their new Giga Football Passes. These new data bundles provide customers with the opportunity to stream all World Cup matches on Kwese Iflix on the go on their smartphones. Customers can also stream the matches on their TV’s through the Kwese Iflix App on the Safaricom Big Box and Digital Box.

There are 3 Giga Football Passes Options available to customers. These bundles can be utilized on 3 Apps which are: Kwese Iflix, Star times and Dstv Now. The first bundle is the 24hour pass with the Kwese Iflix Subscription for Kshs 99. This option is available for both mobile phones and The Safaricom Bigbox and Digital Box. To buy this bundle for your mobile phone, you need to download the Kwese Iflix application on your phone if you do not have it. Then dial *544# or *444#, select Giga Football Pass, click on the Kwese Iflix option, choose the data bundle you want to purchase then pay for it. A notification will be sent to your Kwese application. You can now start watching your games. Once you purchase the bundle, you can watch all the games for a whole 24 hours.

If you have the Safaricom Big Box or Digital Box, dial *400#, select Safaricom TV then choose the Bigbox option. You then enter your Big box or Digital box number and then select the ‘Buy Giga Football Pass the 24hr option. Choose your preferred payment method. You will receive a message with a link to the Kwese Iflix application. Additionally, if you have the Bigbox or Digital Box and not want to have to buy a bundle on a daily basis, you can redeem your Kwese Iflix Voucher. Simply dial *400#, select Safaricom TV, then select Bigbox, proceed to enter your Big box or Digital box number in the format 7XXXXXXXX, choose the ’30 day subscription on Kwese Iflix’ option then click to activate your subscription and watch your favourite games.

The Dstv and Star times applications apply to the other two Giga Football Pass data options. You, therefore, need to download either of the two applications on your phone. Once this is done you can purchase the bundle of your choice. The 24hour bundle which goes for Kshs 50 or the 3hour bundle for Kshs 20 if you are interested in one match for the day. Both bundles give you access to all 64 matches. You can still use the Kwese Iflix option for these two bundles. However, you only get access to 32 games on the Kwese Iflix application. Once you have downloaded which application suits you best, dial *544# or *444#, select Giga Football Pass, choose your preferred streaming application, select what bundle you want to purchase then choose a payment option. A notification will be sent to your application of choice. You need to note that there is an additional daily fee of Kshs 40 for the Star times option and you need an active decoder subscription for the Dstv option.

The great thing is that there is no limit to the number of times you can buy the Giga Football Passes. You can buy them as often as you like. Safaricom is leveraging their highly praised high-speed 2G, 3G and 4G connection, to give customers a great streaming experience. This new partnership between Safaricom and Kwese is a great option for Safaricom customers. This is because as much as there are many lovers of the game out there, life does not come to a standstill because of the tournament. People still need to go to work and run their errands. However, with this option, customers can stream the game live on their phones even when stuck in traffic or when having a break while at work.

Looking for more information on the Gigabundles, find it here.

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