Entertainment: Diplo And MØ Interested In Collaborating With Kenyan Artists During This Year’s Tuborg Open


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato.

Tuborg, The Danish lager brand has announced the return of the Tuborg OPEN campaign which is set to accommodate a broad range of musical geniuses who have great influence. They are looking to make the most out of the power of music not only in entertainment but also in education and sensitization of the masses.

According to Renee Kamau, the Carlsberg Marketing Manager, Tuborg is all about fuelling those moments of music discovery for artists and fans. They are excited about the opportunity to work with local artists and provide them with a platform to work with international talent.

Tuborg OPEN, which best expresses itself through music, says that it the only way we can explore the world. It is working to create a musical explosion with DJ Diplo, an American Super producer who was in last year’s campaign and MØ Danish rising star vocalist and songwriter who is a long-term collaborator. The key driver for the creative collaboration being in embracing diversity, in accordance to this year’s theme, “Open to more”. The two have created a track called, ‘Stay Open’ and have invited artists from all around the world to re-write it. Every contributing artist is supposed to express what being ‘open to more’ means to them individually.


Incorporating artists from all around the world gives a voice to people from all over and allow artists to be representative of the cultures they come from. The campaign seeks to take advantage of musical influences around the world. Tuborg Open encourages the telling of a story in a different way, using unique lyrics which will help express the uniqueness of local culture. The overall idea is to emphasize that the power of trust and an open attitude adds value to all our lives.

Image from https://djmag.com/news/diplo-appears-tonight-show-m%C3%B8-and-goldlink-watch

The two artists express their excitement with this year’s campaign, and Diplo is glad to be part of it for the second time. When they were approached by Tuborg, they were already working on a track, ‘Stay Open’. The track is about how most people are closed out from new phenomena and beliefs, how we tend to hold on to what we know, and how we are quick to reject people who believe differently. The track expresses the importance of being more welcoming to new ideas and people. The way the song they were working on fits perfectly for the theme is a gift of coincidence.

Artists are already intrigued by the song and are coming up with their own ideas, to add a personal perspective to it. This in itself is an exciting part of the idea. According to MØ, her excitement about the global collaboration lies in the journey you go on to get to the finished product. Being open to new influences allows one to mix together things that one thought would never fit but sometimes, it really works well.

Some of the collaborators are from Russia, India, and Italy. Russia is working with DJ and singer Ivan Dorn, who won Best Russian Act award at the MTV EMA 2017, while India has engaged Vishal Dadlani whose musical influences ranges from Bollywood to indie rock. Singer-songwriter Levante will lead the campaign in Italy, and a host of other artist are still to be confirmed from markets including China, Bulgaria and Myanmar.

Milan Shah, International Marketing Manager at Tuborg, said, “Through this year’s Tuborg OPEN campaign, we’re once again setting out to encourage people around the world to be Open To More – to be inquisitive, exploring the world around them, trying new experiences and sharing them with others to see where it takes them.”

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