Entertainment: The Tinga Tinga Tales Musical Is Back And It Is Going International


Fun filled family activities are what most people are on the lookout for, especially during weekends and school holidays. Theatre shows are a great way to go and this time Tinga Tinga production has got you covered, for 41 shows from 1st -30th September. Tinga Tinga Tales the musical was introduced after the television series ended. It is centred around various animated animals and employs music, dialogue, and colourful imagery to tell African folk tales about the origins of animals, and to answer questions about wildlife that most children have.

Tinga Tinga Tales the musical will be playing at the New Victory Theatre, which is New York City’s first and only full-time performing arts theatre for kids and their families. Tinga Tinga Tales on Broadway will run from 13-21 October 2018.

In the last production of Tinga Tinga Tales the musical, we met Monkey who was playful and relatable to children. The musical carried with it lessons that children could apply to their life. From the Giraffe, we learnt that growth comes at its own time and we get to acquire the traits we want such as strength and confidence.

In this production we expect entertainment, lessons, and charity to come alive in Tinga Tinga Tales – The musical. The show, which is suitable for the entire family will run all through September.

Musicals generally combine as many forms of art as possible, spoken word, acting dancing, singing, fashion and design, painting and many more. The upside to musicals is that you will find something you identify within the mix. Wildlife is a big part of our heritage and the inclusion of it makes this show very Kenyan.


The show will be graced by musical geniuses including Eric Wainaina and Atemi Oyungu. Some of the actors include Elsaphan Njora, Eddie Kimani, Alvan Gatitu, Ray Kibet, Miriam Macharia, Kendi Nkonge and Karimi Wamae Rimbui. The band includes Benjamin Kabaseke, Victor Kimetto, Marvin Maveke, Ted Mwangi, Tetu Shani and Chris Adwar.

Tinga Tinga Tales the Musical is set to promote Kenyan talent and create awareness on the situation of animals in the country to the outside world, the show is meant to promote wildlife conservancy. The show is directed by multi-Bafta award winner Claudia Lloyd, Kenyan celebrity pop singer/ songwriter Eric Wainaina, choreographed by Coach Edu and producer Sheba Hirst.

The huge support from its sponsors shows us that we can expect the show to be big. Some of the major sponsors are Safaricom and Dalbit Petroleum on behalf of Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, The Fairmont Hotels, and Resorts Kenya.

Charles Wanjohi, Acting Director – Consumer Business at Safaricom expressed Safaricom’s pleasure to be part of this. He stated that this is part of their commitment in promoting local art and cultural scene. This is the second Kenyan musical that they have sponsored to make it to the re-known Broadway stage after MoFaya which was a trailblazer.

The story is about a Monkey (Eric Wainaina) and his Tinga Tinga friends. They come alive from the books and the international cartoon series. Tinga Tinga Tales the musical is basically taking Kenya out into the world. Kenya is well known internationally for its wildlife, and this is what the international shows in the New York Broadway will portray. In addition to this, it will make alive concepts of wildlife that many people do not quite understand.

Producer Claudia Lloyd promises that the show will be bigger and better than ever. It will celebrate Kenyan talent, culture, wildlife and the country in general. She also hinted at a new character. The Tinga Troupe will introduce Benji the Brave Bongo, an icon of Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy to a host of children around the world to help save animals and campaign for conservation.

There will be shows all through the day, with special cooperate ones being staged as per request. The private shows will come at a price with extra inclusive benefits. Tickets are available on ticketsasa.com.

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